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Singleness is not the prize.

Some years ago, I heard a pastor teach about the importance of correctly identifying God’s words in the Bible which are distinctly different from other speaker’s words in the Bible. 1,952 more words

Pop Culture V. The Bible

The Kingdom is like a Treasure

About a month ago Pastor Jaime taught this sermon on treasuring our relationship with Christ as well as God's kingdom. This post consists of my notes on his sermon as well as some of my own thoughts. 852 more words



Have you ever noticed how each gospel writer tells the story of Jesus in a somewhat different way? The basic story line remains the same, but each author emphasizes the different details, in keeping with the overall goal of the gospel he is writing. 305 more words


Numbers 21-23; Mark 7:14-8:10

Balaam is a man with a reputation for being more spiritually attuned than the rest of the crowd. He’s some sort of international, polytheistic diviner sought out by kings,  but does he really know God? 308 more words

66 Books

It's God's plan not Mine

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

I know I’m not alone when I say,  I feel like sometimes God isn’t listening to me. 432 more words


Why is Yahweh any more real than Zeus or Odin?

What makes what was happening in Israel in that time period different from what was happening in the head-space of the contexts around Odin and Zeus, academically speaking, was that Yahweh was the first god to be thought of as present and concerned with the people. 430 more words