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"That's above my pay grade"

Sometimes, when you start talking to people about the broader responsibilities of the organization they belong to, they say things like “that’s above my pay grade.” In other words, they aren’t responsible for the organization as a whole. 214 more words


Gearing up for 2014 Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide prevention goes beyond training people to recognize risk factors or what to do in a crisis. It starts with every day actions we can all take to build meaningful connections with our shipmates, staying actively engaged and making sure they know they’re never alone. 324 more words


"What To Do...What To Do...?

My friend Borepatch recently brought up a primary technique in self-defense.

That of avoidance.

I remember being a callow youth, and one of my friends suggested (on multiple occasions) we visit a bar in a ‘bad part of town’ to start fights!  182 more words


Sledgehammers of Truth: How Bluntness and Honesty Are Not One and the Same

This segment comes to you from a profoundly meditative space.  For those of you not familiar with me, read that as: “I’m having a magical tea party with my thoughts and feelings, trying to decide who gets to be the pretty, pretty Princess and who plays Mother with the teapot.”  You’re going to want to sit tight for this one.  1,548 more words

Key's ducking for cover - utterly unbelievable!!!

I don’t often re-print media stories verbatim – but this piece by Andrea Vance, for Fairfax Media,  deserves wider circulation. Please note the highlighted statements by Dear Leader as he ducks, weaves, obfuscates, and deflects any and all responsibility for the situation; 722 more words

The Body Politic


Chapter 3 –  The Adventure Continues (you needn’t search, there are no chapters 1 or 2…this is like Star Wars!)

I did post previously regarding my neighbors to the South (we live in a common-wall townhouse) who were evicted after it was discovered they have lived in filth for two years, were hoarders and were running a puppy mill, illegally!  290 more words