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Black, White, Brown and Gold

In view of the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri it is quite obvious that we have some serious racial problems in America! However, the problems are not just about race, they are also about economics, respect for authority, personal responsibility, and government abuse! 1,524 more words

Inspirational Thoughts


I’ve posted before in this venue about what a cesspool Detroit is and how 60 years of socialist politics have brought a once proud hub of American Industry to it’s knees, and even the police have advised the citizenry they must fend for themselves. 201 more words


Excuses Prevent Success

When something doesn’t go my way, or I see people around me succeeding while I feel “stuck”, my brain starts to formulate reasons that I truly was the one who deserved the success, the pay increase, the promotion, the recognition, and the list goes on. 267 more words

Taking Responsibility

Ezra 10:4… “Arise, for this matter is your responsibility. We also are with you. Be of good courage, and do it” (NKJV). 459 more words


Sarcasm or Ugly...

Sarcasm. One of my favorite things! There is nothing like hanging with my most sarcastic friends or family! Laughter can be endless. I just discovered something, however. 349 more words