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The Irony of Al Sharpton Whining about Receiving Death Threats in Wake of the NYPD Officers Murdered

One has to bask, not in pleasure but in the sheer genius of Karma and the irony of Al Shaprton receiving death threats after two NYPD officers were murdered in the names of “Eric Garner” and “Mike Brown” by… 548 more words

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A Child Raised in a Sinful environment...

Black youth, brown youth, and youth of all races… and mixed races, read this passage from John the Baptist:  Because in this simple scripture is the secret to your life now, and in the future. 624 more words

A Facebook Group I Will Be Posting On...

I will be posting on a facebook group called The Comfort Compass. “The Comfort Compass is a coalition uniting individuals living with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders, families, friends, & professionals with education, support and resources to encourage stability and decrease stigma.” 214 more words



Written by: Shawnee M. Bigelow, PHDc, MBA  December 21, 2014

As I am doing research for emerging issues in law enforcement, really just reading articles, for some reason the word ignorance comes to mind. 1,035 more words

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Losing My Religion

I enjoy a good political discussion.  Or even a debate.  Unfortunately, in today’s climate, they often regress into name-calling, accusations and loud pronouncement as akin to grade school’s… 246 more words


Perception: It's Not Always as Black and White as One Assumes

It is important to watch the video first, then read text below.

Watch The Video BEFORE You Read the Story! Pay Attention!

This video is of actual Detectives attempting to stop a CRIMINAL in Chicago. 187 more words

Personal Responsibility

Tamir Rice - Lack of Parental Supervision and Personal Responsibility

Dear Society,

At some point, hopefully in the very near future, you will wake the Hell up and start holding people responsible for their choices/their own behaviors and stop blaming others for the end results that occurs after they choose to engage in those choices. 858 more words

Race ~ Politics