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Lack Of Personal Responsibility In The World

The world we live in today is heavily lacking in personal responsibility. Just looking at comments to see people’s view on controversial topic today makes me feel so sick. 459 more words

If the Objective is to Hamper the Young

The Freeman published an interesting story. The Freeman is published by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

Keep Them Down, Keep Them Dependent

How to prevent the young and poor from succeeding… 139 more words


Birth Control: Who Should Pay?

This isn’t a moral issue. It isn’t a faith-based issue. It is an issue of equality and fair treatment by law for all citizens of the republic. 840 more words

Birth Control

Your Health, Who is Responsible?

You may be wondering why I started this blog as a cancer treatment resource but then ended up posting about diet and exercise. That is a great observation and I would love it if more people caught on to this. 976 more words


The Coast of Folly Explores the “Compulsion of Failure”

Coningsby Dawson’s The Coast of Folly explores a real but rarely discussed individual and social problem: the extent to which individuals are responsible not only for their behavior but for the impression their behavior is likely to give others. 238 more words

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