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Brand Spankin' New

November 12, 2014

Dear all,

Hello there!!  Well, this past week has been absolutely insane.  With my companion going home, and picking up an extra companion for the day because HER companion left early and everything else, we were absolutely WIPED!  324 more words

Weekly Missionary Email

Through The Eyes Of Love

Shortly after his baptism, the new believer looked at a quite dirty, quite unkempt beggar sitting on the curb holding a sign. For many decades he had judged harshly those whom he thought “beneath” him. 469 more words

Christian Writing

Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost

Communication is one of the most important skills we can develop. It can be a tool for good just as it can be a tool for bad. 358 more words


November bulletin cover

The theme my pastor asked for the month of November was simply “Thanksgiving”.
Now, since Thanksgiving is a manmade holiday, I took the literal meaning of thanksgiving and explored the word “thankful” in my study bible. 667 more words

Personal Revelation

Realization of disobedience and its cost

It’s 2 am but I felt the absolute necessity to write this out. I have just had horrific nightmares this night. Absolutely the most uncomfortable and disgusting things I have ever seen. 813 more words


Conversation with the id

If you wish to walk
wholly in the Light
accept in peace
your relentless shadow
which will accompany
your every step
both left and right.

336 more words

Wresting the Keys of the Kingdom

The Lord woke me at 3am the other morning. I wasn’t sure what He wanted. I prayed, felt led to search and ponder some recent email communications. 5,801 more words