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Visiting the Man on Novelty Island...( #madness and me )

“I developed an eye, for pattern,
After my madness;
So much time…
Spent, dismissing nonsense;
Brought me to see it as,

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Answering the Affiliation Question

When I turned in my temple recommend I didn’t expect it to upset so many people. It might have had something to do with blogging about it. 2,154 more words


Golden Plates or Children?

I love it when the Spirit takes a passage of scripture and illuminates it for me in a whole new way. This particular passage is written by the hand of Joseph Smith as a recounting of the events surrounding his reception of the golden plates from the angel Moroni. 497 more words

Especially For Women

Holy Communion

Benjamin Lawrence Fenton killed himself on October 31st, 1980. I was 16 years old.

The straw that broke Ben’s back was this: He was on the dock of his ceramic studio, throwing a ball for his dog; a pretty-faced husky named Sheba. 516 more words


On the Ordination of Women: An Open Letter to Everyone

Obligatory disclaimer: These are my views, and don’t necessarily reflect the position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What boisterous discussion we’ve had over the last few weeks via Social Media, particularly around the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 899 more words

Gospel Teachings

Conversation With The Bishop

This is a fictional account. It is based on current events, but it is NOT how things went down with my Bishop. I have promised to keep that confidential. 1,196 more words


Church Correlation: Miracle and Stumbling-Block

The Miracle

From the beginning of our recorded relationship with God we have struggled with the idea of doctrine.  Ideally, we would all be able to pray to God with enough faith that his truths would be revealed to us as we journey through life.   5,293 more words