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Conversation with the id

If you wish to walk
wholly in the Light
accept in peace
your relentless shadow
which will accompany
your every step
both left and right.

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Wresting the Keys of the Kingdom

The Lord woke me at 3am the other morning. I wasn’t sure what He wanted. I prayed, felt led to search and ponder some recent email communications. 5,801 more words


Preserving the Restoration

Mormon history is full of breakoff groups, splinter groups, divisions, and all kinds of off-shoots. Most of them have been failures. Tell me why you think this new movement will be different. 2,818 more words


A Beautiful Gift

Dear Family and Friends,

I think an overarching thing that my past week taught me is that of the simplicity of personal revelation and the importance of actively seeking it and then acting upon it long enough to reap the rewards. 1,060 more words

Elder Cordon

‘Now My Eyes See You, Lord!’


Today I am reading day 211 of Joseph Prince’s Devotional:

Day 211

‘Now My Eyes See You, Lord!’

Job 42:5 5“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.

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Daily Devotional

What I learned at LDS General Conference Sunday Morning session:

Themes: Repent, Personal Revelation, Prophets, revelation continues
Henry B Eyring
1. We need revelation from God. A constantly renewed stream, not just one flash of comfort, but continuing communication with God. 1,518 more words

Good Works - A sign of faith

In the old covenant God’s people were characterized by the sign of circumcision. Circumcision began with Abraham to mark that he had faith and was accepted as righteous before God. 1,572 more words

Personal Revelation