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You try to Call it, You raised the stakes, I counter!

And to be honest, if kids are involved, and somebody kidnaps me and tries, of which people will try to push boundaries as far as they can, and have, And somebody tries to get me to touch a kid inappropriately, or frame me as a child molester, your going to have to shoot me. 178 more words

Arkansas Rape Victim

Notes from the Garden: The Gift of Cardamom

Today’s task in the garden was to harvest the ever-abundant cardamom in Cardamom County.

This is a task that cannot be completed by machines, so even in commercial fields, it must be handpicked.  210 more words

Personal Statement

Ganesha Puja at the Elephant Junction

I felt so grateful to be a witness to this beautiful ceremony today. In Hinduism, puja is an offering ritual. The purpose was to bless ancestors and future generations. 122 more words


Little Bit of Nothing

I felt like I needed to update my blog sorry because i’ve had a major case of writers block, so this post is just going to be me updating anyone who’s reading it about my pretty average summer. 137 more words

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Pt.2: The Essay

Last time, we delved into the personal statement. Here are some tips to for answering a college admission essay with an assigned prompt.

Essays… 629 more words

High School

Good morning everyone,

Parfois … il y a des évènements de notre passé … qui nous empêchent de vivre notre vie en toute liberté …

Je me libère …aujourd’hui … de ma culpabilité … taken from a friend’s page, (boutique mado) 78 more words