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Souvenirs Of A Travel Junkie Architect

When we first heard of him two years ago, he caught our attention with the choice he made at a young age:

Architect Mark Leininger credits his parents for choosing travel to China, Antigua, Colombia and other foreign destinations over material things throughout his childhood, instilling a love that has endured.

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Personal Statement

Humans of New York: The power of documentation

This article from the New York Times describes the recent social media phenomenon- Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York site and facebook page. At first he was just making portraits of strangers in New York City after losing his job as a bond trader. 394 more words


Biology Personal Statement

This personal statement helped her gain admissions to pursue Natural Sciences in University of Cambridge and Biology in Imperial College London.

Infectious particles in blatant violation of the central dogma, propagating via a putative seeding-nucleation mechanism, in infectivity virus-like, yet in resistivity markedly dissimilar, prion proteins are fibrillary tangles of a confounding nature, arcane and unorthodox. 638 more words


The Sound Track of Late Summer Sparkle ;)

As I design or prepare for shows, I always like to have a playlist to kind of set the tone for what I am doing. The genres vary but the content is generally the same. 54 more words

Tips for writing personal statements

With so many getting excellent grades on their HKDSEs and assorted standardized tests, as well as participating in a laundry list of extra-curricular activities, it is progressively getting more difficult for applicants to differentiate themselves from the crowd. 582 more words


History Personal Statement

This Personal Statement got Lim Sheau Yun into History courses in University of Cambridge, University of St Andrews, University College London and London School of Economics… 676 more words

Seed Saving as a Safeguard for Biodiversity

The recent post here about The New Yorker article on genetically modified seeds and Vandana Shiva helped me understand more about this era we are entering of biotechnology. 209 more words

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