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Und zen ze dragon eat St George ...

My father’s brother was named George.  My younger niece is named Georgia, after my uncle.  St George’s Day is on 23 April.  Today is their saints day, and I think of them particularly as I write this. 348 more words

Personal Stories

Good News

It’s about Arthur, my pet avocado tree.

I was feeling a bit down this morning, missing the company that we had for the past week or two. 250 more words

Personal Stories

My worst experience out clubbing and the homeless woman who saved me.

Late one friday night or should I say early morning my at the time best friend and I were speed walking down a cobblestoned alleyway, hurrying towards the main road where we would catch the late night bus home. 1,318 more words

My Relationship, Manipulation, and Too Much Pressure

So, my ex-boyfriend Chris. The asshole that I wrote a fuckin song about, who I gave my first kiss to, who I basically had to… 1,788 more words

Personal Stories

Close Mistake

He almost lost his hand that day! That would have been really bad considering that he was physically disabled, the force of the endmill spinning would have pulled his legs from under him so quick that you would of thought he was trying to dive down because of a live grenade. 1,695 more words

Personal Stories

Behind the scenes.

Sorry post has been delayed. I have a kidney infection – have this ramble instead.

When you care for someone, you’re putting yourself into a situation of vulnerability. 817 more words

Laura & Single Life.

Taking A Mini Hiatus

Hey y’all.

First off, I want to thank all of you for the subscriptions on WordPress, the follows on twitter, and (honestly) reading my posts.  It means a lot and I have throughly enjoyed maintaining this site. 202 more words

Personal Stories