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Abstract Habits

These days, when I sit down to paint, I usually wet the entire paper, choose a color and then apply it with a wide brush.  I usually make an arc and, based on the color and variations of that arc, I choose another color (complementary or more closely-related) and paint another swath, either adjacent to or in spatial contrast to the first. 288 more words

Personal Stories

What's Wrong with Kids Today

I live two blocks away from a bunch of fields and sports-areas. Football, cheerleading, track, softball, baseball, soccer, hockey. There’s a designated field or area for each sport. 1,071 more words

Personal Stories

e-NABLE And Living One Handed!

In 1977, Ryan Haack was born missing his left forearm and it wasn’t until just a few years ago, he realized there were other people just like him out there in the world. 841 more words

Enabling The Future

A story of one to help in your own discernment

Here is the first in a series of personal stories of discernment written by different people. I hope these help others on their own journeys. 789 more words


Story 1 Chapter 3: Slouch and Don't Talk

After I shaved my hair and got fed up with being stared at in female toilets, I started going to the male toilets. It was a different experience, since I had not been to the toilet of the opposite sex before. 326 more words


Comfort Zone

Today’s watercolor experiment:


I was still thinking about aging and diminishment of faculties as I was trying to decide what to paint today. The visual sense is very important to me so I view the loss of sight as a very scary, dangerous prospect. 466 more words

Personal Stories