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Strength through Struggle

Happy Saturday Hearthside Adventurers!

Many of you may be facing the first real cold of November- I hope you are staying warm. Here in NC it got down to 20 degrees last night. 989 more words

Writer's Corner

be true to you...

This past weekend I met two women that actually represent so much of who I strive to be!  Do you know what that feels like? Meeting someone that reflects a future version of you? 761 more words

Holistic Health

the truth of life

the truth shall set you free. how true this statement is in so many ways. God’s truth will set you free. your own truth will set you free. 163 more words

Rantings Of A Girl In A Green Dress

Television Lies

A man just tried to force his way inside my house tonight, he was looking for money. When husband overpowered him and got the door closed he began to pace around our exterior, finally settling down on the east side to stare inside through the window. 76 more words

Inner Dialogue

Bane of my Existence

You sit there, confidently selling yourself with amassed skill sets and clever responses. A prime candidate for the labor they desire. Their warm reception of what you offer giving you a (false) hope of future collaboration. 80 more words


As crunch time approaches
the need to complete this
project begins to slide,
as setback after setback
begin to pile up like a
mass grave of material, 45 more words