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Slippery Slope or Community Inclined?

Prior to marriage I had just as many male friends as I did female friends. After marriage I have next to none. Some just moved away, others moved on, but I find myself missing the component male friendship used to play in my life. 579 more words

Inner Dialogue

Nuggets of Wisdom


Recently I’ve received some messages from people saying what an inspiration I was dealing with all these medical issues while keeping a positive attitude. It made my feelers all feelie. 606 more words

Why does it have to be this way? BE THIS WAY??

i hate this drug.

i love this feeling.

i hate that you don’t want to be around me.

i love that i can rely on this false feeling, when you deny me of a real feeling. 400 more words

So It Begins...

Tomorrow will come and with it we will see if a family tradition is truly at an end. I was so focused on my immediate family I lost sight of the ripples and only now see the destruction they have caused as they spread outwards into the circles of extended family. 649 more words

Inner Dialogue

What We Learn.

I stole away with my lunch to walk on the banks of Walden. The wind was brisk, pushing into me. I pushed back with a feeling of exhilaration. 126 more words

Walden Pond

Trying To Make Sense

Her obituary posted today, I’ve never had to write one before, I hope I did her justice. It’s hard to try to sum up a person in one short paragraph, can a person really be reduced to a few adjectives, some verbs and a couple of nouns? 307 more words

Inner Dialogue

Beginnings start how?

Sometimes I’m unsure. Ive had the desire to journal again for years. I often never know where to begin, or how to update my life from my last period of journaling: much changes over the course of years.   1,521 more words