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Bakit Nga Kaya?

Out of my kamalayan, matagal ko ng iniisip din ito. Bakit nga kaya………?

Since when?

Mula nung malaman kong beki ako, reklamo ka pa?

O, e, ikaw, bakla ka rin naman, don’t tell me di mo rin ito inisip, or pinangarap na sana, or sumagi sa makamundo mong isipan, aber? 65 more words



Don’t question my abilities if you have lesser achievements than I do.

Don’t question my personality if yours is shaken and at risk.

Don’t question my manners, it depends on the person I am dealing with. 27 more words


Public Apology

This post is dedicated to two of my dearest friends, who I have grown up with, and who I miss terribly.

Two of my friends (for legal and moral reasons I shall name them Friend A and Friend B) are disappearing from my life, and I’m not OK with that. 456 more words

Personal Stuff

Family and Bussiness - Watch Out !

As you already noticed, I’ve changed the theme haha

Altought is a more commom theme, I guess this one is more pleasant then the other. I liked the old one, but you know, I got tired of it haha. 897 more words

Personal Stuff

It's a Love Story: Part II

After Summer Project, God took me on this journey of growth that was incredible. I have used the analogy that is was like I was the pinball in a pinball machine—Project took the handle and brought back the thing that drives the ball into the game, and after, the spring let go and I grew like crazy in the Lord. 1,377 more words


"I Love You, Goodbye"

- Si Erwin, Ang Pagkilala (2) -

“O, bakit?” usisa ko sa kanila.

“Sinisikmura daw si Erwin” pagtatapat ni Jeff.

Napatigil kaming lahat.


“Paanong sinisikmura? Nananghalian ka na ba?” sabay lapit kay Erwin.

624 more words

On Writing Posts

I’m clicking on my previous posts. When you have written so many posts, you have to remember to look back and see your previous ones. The posts just become more beautiful when you read them after a long time. 586 more words

Personal Stuff