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Choices! I still have them!

I got a tattoo for the first time when I was 18? Or 19 maybe? I don’t remember. It’s a cartoon-ey looking yellow butterfly that had special meaning to me then and still does. 1,193 more words

Personal Stuff

Boring Life Update: ID, Phase Two! Alllllmost There...

(thanks, sugasugaki!)

Hokay, the trip to the DMV was done this morning and it took a lot less time than I thought. There nothing like a nice walk bright and early in the morning to either wake you up or make you tired, depending on how productive that walk ends up being. 121 more words


On Nerfing

You are against an overpowered opponent. You get there and just think about the damned luck that the celestial bodies cast upon you. There is not much to do than stall and avoid a rage quit because in the end a rage quit is a pretty low way of losing. 304 more words

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You Matter

It’s very important to do things that matter to YOU, that make you happy! If you do things that make other people happy sometimes the most important person which is you ends up being neglected and ends up being unhappy. 31 more words



One word yet it means soo much! 💜


Taking Tuesday Off? Not Really...

(thanks, aero84!)

I just have some more ID stuff to tackle, but it will be easier than last week’s craziness. Hopefully, this won’t take longer to process than the two weeks promised on the DMV website. 168 more words


Blue 💜

Yesterday’s make up look for work. I’m going through that phase of wanting to wear dark make up! Such a drama queen aren’t I? All that curliness and dramatic eyes just to waitress.

Personal Stuff