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The Ukemi Paradox

How should we Uke ? What is expected of Uke ? Should everyone Uke the same ?

Steve Copson answers these and many more such questions on this key aspect of Aikido.

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Mind and Body Co

Aubrey’s views on the key aspects of Mind and Body Co-ordination !

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My Favorite Disney Character

I hate Disney.

I mean, let’s face it. Other than the song, “Let it Go” from Frozen it’s pretty much a douche-bag remix. The main reason that song doesn’t suck is because Idina Menzel has an amazing voice. 791 more words

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What I learned from my Parents about Love

I woke up recently to breastfeed my son and I popped open my phone to Facebook to help me relax one hideously early morning.

And I saw this… 839 more words

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Easter Revisited

Before today, it had been years since I’d celebrated Easter. I am turned off both by the endless posts of trite verses and quotes about a farfetched story and by the commercialization of yet another religious event. 861 more words

Personal Thoughts

**** If this post seems emotional, well that is because it is an emotional post. Sorry you might think it is weak, but I don’t think it is weak for someone to express how they feel and it makes me feel better. 449 more words