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My blog is more than I thought.

It’s pretty lame to get so excited about new followers but seriously though like… you’re boosting my ego and it’s great. I love this whole idea that people actually like what I’m posting or saying or doing and I think its even cooler when other websites will see my pictures and credit me in a post they made or have or whatever. 71 more words

Personal Thoughts


Rain has fallen steadily today
A delicate susurrus
Gently kissing my ears
Softly speaking through my tears

I’ve lost my anchor
Dropped my compass
Walking a path no longer clear… 41 more words

Personal Thoughts

UnMatched-The Curse of the International Medical Graduate

Another application year has gone by, another National Residency Matching cycle has come to an end–and I remain UnMatched. Yes people, the curse of the IMG still lives. 510 more words

Personal Thoughts

Bitterness...it is not all that bad

Bitterness is completely understandable! I do not think I know of many, if any person who has not experienced it at some point in their lives. 421 more words



There’s no other way but forward now… Let it be with Grace and Dignity.

Personal Thoughts

Tissues don't always reference Kleenex

Hello friends. ..today I give you a trendy tip that let’s other people’s recycling money in your pocket.

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