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Red Tape

If I ignore the NHS and TalkTalk, changing name and title has been a rather easy process. Yes, it has involved lots of form filling and ticking boxes and in one or two cases explaining why a person who is listed as female would want to use a man’s name and title. 417 more words


The Storm

What is the worst feeling you can experience ?

Answer :Your own fears

It s like a never ending vicious circle that you feel like you re trapped in ,you feel suffocated you feel weakened ,you feel like you re losing you re senses,like you re slowly starting to disperse in the infinite thoughts your mind trigger instantly ,you suddenly can t hear anything can t see anything it s just you in the naught ,the absence of a sound makes you calm down ,takes the pressure of your chest ,everything seemed to be moving so fast that you just needed to switch off . 117 more words

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Writer's Block

I wanted to write something more meaningful today. An actual post that I felt like writing. But i just find myself staring at the computer screen, or getting distracted doing something else. 172 more words

Personal Thoughts


Stream of thought… we talk and dance this dance and I hold back… to protect, to tease, to hide, to entrance… If I could right now, let you see my thoughts, this is how they come. 574 more words

Eclectic Unconfined

Forgetting It's Still Midweek

It’s kind of surprising that it’s still Wednesday, but then again it should have hit me immediately the moment that the error screen appeared on the browser window I was playing Kantai Collection at work in… Which signaled the start of maintenance (and the 1st Anniversary event for the game). 179 more words

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Thoughts on pricing 2

Hey everyone! Easter is over and done with, and as a sign of good faith, I’m getting back into my habit of weekly posts. I know, it’s been a while (about two months, yikes!), but I finally feel as though I have something to write about. 291 more words

Personal Thoughts

Not Everything Posted Is Real

I absolutely ADORE the message behind this video. Almost all the time, people posted SELFIES to show OFF their seemingly ‘perfect’ life. Attractive partners, tight abs (in Kim Kardashian’s case- her butt), and all the fabulous time they spent….getting ready for the day! 23 more words

Personal Thoughts