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Relatively Immoral: The Necessity of Objective Morals

What up, Ceiling-Sky! Today we’ll be popping about the whats and whys of morals.

What’s popular in culture today is called subjective morality. Basically it means that this bag of chips is good or evil because I say so. 531 more words



why don’t you
be what you know you are
be what you want to be
be you
get out!!!

get out
of this fake shit… 26 more words


Irrational Atheism

Today’s reblog is a wonderful article from an Atheism. It’s honest and not hostile at all. It’s refreshing to hear from someone on this. Perhaps the battle isn’t reason vs. 23 more words


How Do I Become A Butterfly

And then again I stand there. Beyond the middle of nothing. Looking at all these pieces scattered around me, each bearing a single memory or hope. 566 more words

You're Doing It Wrong: 3 Things Most People Belive About Christianity That are False

We all have perspectives on life and generalize the quantum machinery of our brains+quantum machinery. However, there are some things we need to figure out when looking at Christianity. 439 more words


Use Knowledge, Don't let it use You

We all take in new information every day and whether it be conscious or subconscious, we choose to either accept or not accept that information as our own Personal Truth.   1,028 more words