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Wake up and scream.

Where will we go to?
How should we begin?
If all that is outside
Is really within?

Who should we look to?
Which name should we call? 214 more words

Personal Truth


I am the sun, the moon and the stars.
I am limitless eternity.
I am everything and nothing.
I am the vastness of the entire ocean and I am the perfection of a single raindrop. 71 more words

Being Human

On Beauty

There are several types of people in this world. Those with breathtaking physical beauty, those with beautiful hearts and those rarest of individuals who have been blessed with both. 433 more words

Being Human

On Living

Time is slipping… passing by without pause, tick-tocking relentlessly and with each fleeting moment that we age… life shortens and we arrive closer to death. 395 more words

Being Human

Is there a Meaning to life?

Maybe through times of illness the purpose is for solitude and it is not only the healing of the body that takes place but the healing of the spirit and mind. 571 more words

Being Human

Live Your Truth

Everything that we ever love is temporary… fleeting, like the dance of the short lived butterfly and just as beautiful and impossible to catch or keep hold of for long. 429 more words

Being Human

Words Into Action

Today I was serendipitously put in a position to receive a question that I had to stop for a minute to think about the answer. It may sound simple, but for me, the one usually asking all the questions, it came as a surprise when someone asked. 270 more words

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