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Framed Morals: The Points and Problems of Subjective Morality

Often people will attack me with many different topics they find in the Bible. Slavery being a big one. I already wrote the ironically titled “ 548 more words


OHM 13-Ugly and the Dissection of the Heart

People do judge a book by its cover. Not only that but they put upon you what they perceive you to be. When they see me they see a pretty face. 801 more words



when you are up at 2:16 at night
and you still are not drunk “enough”
you got a problem

when you are counting down
by the minute until you are off work… 69 more words


God-Slap: Why Everyone Cannot (and Will Not) Agree on What is True

Recently I’ve been hearing some arguments against Christianity that are weird. Like a Bobcat riding a Bobcat tractor through time weird. Like a Chipmunk eating porcupines but only on every fourth 4th of July weird. 625 more words


On the Sleeve

such a cliche
but it is me
my heart
everything I have ever known
all I am of
what I was made for

I can’t help it… 193 more words



The first definition that comes from Merriam-Webster is: “the real facts about something”. While this definition is accurate it is also in accurate. Truth has multiple sides and various points of view. 188 more words