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What I Am Proud Of?!

This blog is inspired by this year’s blog challenge by Scott Dinsmore. The topic that seems really challenging to me is “What I am proud of”. 273 more words

Find Truth About Yourself

Sorry I was in War and Not In Love: 4 Ways to Stop Fighting and Start Loving

A good friend of mine recently told me that he was concerned about the inhospitable hostility of my recent posts. In the general “war” of Atheist and Christians, I had become a fighter and not a defender. 701 more words


Confusion And Truth

I am confused. I have been confused for quite some time. Actually, I am not exactly sure it had ever had a particular start. I am confused about truth. 305 more words

Find Truth About Yourself

Creating Your Guiding Principles

In today’s post we are taking time to relax, center, connect with our hearts and true selves and from this space create our guiding principles. 382 more words

Self Love

Don't Atheists Just Believe in One Less God?: Or “Why I Don't Keep Looking for My Keys After I've Found Them”

This is a quote I hear occasionally from Atheists and on the surface of the celestial lake, it sounds great! It’s all like, “BOOM! There’s lotsa gods you don’t believe in, so what the mother father difference, sister brother!” Well now that the whole family is involved, let’s break it down like an 80’s metal band. 479 more words


Put a Little Zen in Your Heart: Finding Your Truth

So many of us are conditioned to be, think, act, and live in a certain way.  Depending on what our society or social circle tells us, there are universal attitudes toward how one should live his or her life.   508 more words