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Edges Continued... Realizing Deeper Personal Truths

On the backside of my exploration of edges, I started to ask- how often are you really aware of of your own internal messages?  What messages do you honor and look more deeply at, and which ones do you ignore?   1,510 more words

YOUR HAND IS ON FIRE: 3 Reasons That Our “ I Don't FEEL Like It's True” Is a Bad Reason

Islam and feelings and God, o my! In this short video Sam Harris debunks all of Christianity by comparing it to Islam and our feelings. I won’t be dealing with everything he says in this video, but comment if there’s something you’d like me to cover that I didn’t. 520 more words


Speak Your Truth

Words hook me and lately I’ve been paying attention to the difference in the phrases:

  • Speak the truth, and
  • Speak your truth

One word makes a world of difference! 626 more words

Truly Powerful People

Bite-Size Chunks and Baby Steps...

Don’t for a minute imagine that just because I am a coach I have all the answers for myself all the time.  There are days where just like everyone else I experience self-doubt, insecurity or my personal favourite, anxiety.   866 more words

Personal Growth

Revisit And Revise

With the success of my book, The Seer, I’ve been revisiting some previous manuscripts and ebooks. I have a lot of them, mostly unpublished and unseen. 558 more words

Truly Powerful People