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On the Sleeve

such a cliche
but it is me
my heart
everything I have ever known
all I am of
what I was made for

I can’t help it… 193 more words



The first definition that comes from Merriam-Webster is: “the real facts about something”. While this definition is accurate it is also in accurate. Truth has multiple sides and various points of view. 188 more words


How to Offend and Be Offended Well: Three Reasons Why Feeling Bad is Good

(All credit for comic go to Jim Benton, JimBenton.com)

As hilarious as this comic is, it’s also incredibly poignant. It’s a great opportunity to play one of my favorite games! 637 more words


Finding Your Personal Truth

Sleeping Beauty remains by far my favourite classic Disney movie. I’ve often thought it hilarious that whilst most villains brought to us by the Mickey Mouse corporation have an ulterior motive for their nasty streak, Maleficent was simply pissed off at not being invited to a child’s birthday party. 1,572 more words

Metaphysics & New Age

Things I Love

Just a quick list of random things I really love. The exercise itself is fun, too.

  • Books and reading and writing
  • The night and its coziness- the stars and all those shades of black and grey and blue…
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Response to “What Would Convince Me to Believe in God?”

“What Would Convince Me to Believe in God?” is an awesome article from Atheist Analysis and today we will be analyzing it! There’s a LOT to respond to in this article, so the vast majority of my response will be links to other articles where I’ve written on these topic previously. 712 more words


Relatively Immoral: The Necessity of Objective Morals

What up, Ceiling-Sky! Today we’ll be popping about the whats and whys of morals.

What’s popular in culture today is called subjective morality. Basically it means that this bag of chips is good or evil because I say so. 531 more words