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What Does "Witch" Really Mean?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s one thing to call oneself a Witch, it’s another thing entirely to walk the path of the Witch. 375 more words

Personal Truth

Self-confidence; 3 Lies That the Feel-Good of Facebook Quotes Imply

There is more irony in many of these feel-good Facebook goodies than a cyborg doing the laundry with his leg (an iron knee doing ironing). But here’s the thing; feel-good quotes are often lies. 483 more words


Whatever blows your hair back!

What’s your source for an extreme adenaline rush?

Sky-diving?  Rock-climbing?  Playing the stock market?  Betting on the horses?  Vicarious thrills through reading books or watching films about other people’s risk-taking? 212 more words


The World

What and how we manifest the intentions we set has many layers. It may seem as simple as setting an intention, focusing on that intention, then applying our efforts toward making it become real for ourselves. 362 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

Beware “personal truths”. Convincingly. . . their arrogance often overshadows universal truths. – 2014


Jesus = Happiness. Your Happiness = McDonalds

Today’s post comes from a reader who asks, “when it comes to the sentence, ‘you can’t be happy without Jesus’ is this a truth toward just Christians, or is this true for everyone and is it considered a polite encouragement to say, even to non-Christians?” 552 more words


A Different View of Father's Day

While most people are honoring their fathers today, I am choosing to honor my dad-friends and single mom-friends who are an inspiration to me.

It took me many years to accept that a relationship with my father was an impossible dream. 507 more words