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Baroque horse head

An anniversary gift requested (in a kind of ‘open commission’) by a friend, Daniel Shortle, for his wife, Cerys, who is also a friend. The piece has just arrived back from the framer today. 20 more words


Time Flies!

This sweet baby is already six months old and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. I also can’t believe I’m a second year now! 86 more words

Personal Work

My Friend Daria

This girl right here I met in 8th grade and we helped each other get through high school! All the science fair projects, class projects and tennis we did together. 80 more words

Personal Work

Tai Chi Y3D156: Half Spin

Hoo-boy.  We’re at the first spin.  How does one explain a movement in a form where the whole thing is about shifting weight from left to right or from front to back, when the whole point of the movement is to have no weight at all on the floor — to carry it within one’s self while one turns from front to back. 166 more words


Tai Chi Y3D155: Kick Left

I did thirty push-ups this morning, but it was an odd sort of set.  Three, then a pause, eight then a pause, six then a pause, ten then a pause, three.   168 more words


First Senior Portrait Session for Class of 2015

It’s here! IT’S FINALLY HERE! Senior Portrait season is in full swing, I’m having client meetings, handing out my brochures, meeting amazing new seniors and having even more amazing sessions! 101 more words


Tai Chi Y3D154: Kick Right

Now we’re into the kicks. There’s a sequence coming up, that goes something like this:

  • Kick right
  • Kick left
  • half-turn/half-spin
  • Heel kick

And I’m not at all sure how to explain the kicks in fourteen lines. 305 more words