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2014 Watercolours Vol.01 – Chapter 02

Process of being a “Ghost”

So this somework that I’ve been doing for class. We had to choose a word or a quote that reflected on who we are as person/ artist/ designer. 173 more words


Painting with Light and Lumi Inkodye

In honor of Earth Day, I’m testing out a product called Lumi. This fabric dye kit uses the power of the sun to help you blast off in new creative directions. 118 more words

Personal Work

Working on My Rendering

This eek I have mostly been working on my photoshop rendering skills, taking a sketch, importing it or drawing straight from Photoshop itself. I am starting to get a good feel for how I want to work and how to think in 3D space with this method, but I don’t want to be to routine…. 30 more words

Personal Work

Happy Earth Day.

Thank you Chris Crisman for sharing these beautiful images of the earth on such an important day.

Notes From a Rep’s Journal will be taking off this week to enjoy some vacation time.   16 more words

Personal Work

Renewable Star Power

“There is no payoff in being just about yourself. The payoff comes when everything you do matters to the whole world.” 

This Earth Day I’m going green in a big way. 774 more words

Personal Work

Make Human : First impressions

I have spent an hour or so today testing you the features of the first addition of the open source software “make human” and i have to say i am pleased with the results. 175 more words

Another Lego render

Just finishing this simple scene and having a lot of fun playing with Legos.

Personal Work