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Samus Aran's Little Problem

Todays picture is yet another one of my favourite Bounty Hunter, this time beset by a slight problem!

This piece was done entirely digitally in Manga Studio EX5, in order to practice digital sketching. 57 more words


Interlaced and progressive video formats

I’ve been helping a friend who makes short political documentaries get Premier Pro to work (for some reason CS6 doesn’t support the audio of .mts files, whereas CS5.5 is fine with it). 266 more words

Personal Work

Protestants vs. Catholics

When Christians of opposing theologies condemn those who disagree with them on particular issues as heretics, I get irked. For instance, the Strange Fire Conference condemning the Charismatics, and many Protestants condemning Roman Catholics troubles me.   532 more words


Night Sky

Doing a lot of work recently, so I decided since I’m up late anyway, to take some pictures of the sky. Just some more long exposures. Enjoy.


David Martinez's Style is Perfect for a Library Shoot. See For Yourself.

Library shoots have become the rule and no longer the exception.  It is rare when we get a call for a project where a client just wants one image.   206 more words

Notes From A Rep's Journal

How to Act Like a Good Team Member part 3

More of the basics…

One theme you will find throughout this blog is: Act like you would if it was your business. Yes… I know it’s not. 1,473 more words

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