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Miserable... at 21

Ok. Calm down. Let’s keep our chill. Whatever that means.

I know that I am too young to feel miserable, but the truth is that sometimes I actually do. 613 more words



“I feared that we were slipping,
Ending like the ink of my pen
With which I wrote words that the end are lacking
In the back of the receipt I got… 105 more words


And There's A Flag On The Play!

Ok, I need everyone to pay close attention on this one, and please add your vote below.

So our house was right in the middle of a typical Saturday night. 564 more words



“Maybe the idea of always finding me here
Peacefully waiting in a swirl of wonders,
That you always took for granted
Is actually starting to vanish… 180 more words



In this past year, there have been a couple of unexpected deaths within my family and friends. One happened just this last weekend.

The hardest part of this for me is to stand here, at a distance, hurting, feeling, longing to help, longing to solve, longing to heal, longing to give, longing to care, and yet knowing there is nothing I can do to fill the void of someone lost to this world. 144 more words

Simple Thoughts

Bibi Deitz on Being a New Yorker

This is the first part of a longer essay on being a native New Yorker who lives in New York. More to come over the coming weeks. 1,230 more words

Enough. Just enough.

I’m right here

Waiting for it all to end

Waiting to be good

And to be good enough

These stitches will heal

And so will mend this heart… 34 more words