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I Was Wrong...

Dear Craftsman Tools,

Although I doubt you remember me, I had sent you letter to express my sadness and frustration regarding your choice to remove yourself from the ever narrowing pool of American products that stood the test of time. 435 more words


Where I Stood

To the one who stands where I stood:

I once slept by her side, too. Your side of the bed was once mine. 637 more words



lend me your fire so I can burn
ashes of a former life
slip through my fingers

glow of the smoking embers
ignite my life
destroy the remains

devouring apathy

Personal Writing

The Weeping Tree

You see that kid standing there,
Over by the tree.
You see the loneliness inside,
Haunting his dreams.

His parents ran away
When he was only three. 102 more words


Is there a doctor on board?

I have been traveling a bit for residency interviews over the past few weeks, and given that planes, trains, and buses have become my new home, I have been thinking a lot about what I would do if a fellow passenger needed medical help. 1,459 more words

Personal Writing

Red Vest and Denim Shoes

- Her red lips
Shimmer in the light of my red hips,
Glimmer as I sense that my hand slips.
Dimmer the light and look at in my eyes. 236 more words