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My Condolences

My condolences to Libya. I am so sorry for all that you have lost. You have lost the best and brightest. The young and old. Some went out willingly, sacrificing their life just so you could have a better future.Those were the good ones, the ones that were supposed to change the world. 634 more words

Middle-Grade Memories: Teasing. The bad kind.

And then there’s teasing, the bad kind. The painful kind. Jr. High is riddled with this kind, no? Somehow, a group of boys thought it funny to lie to one of the um, nerds (and the teasing continues) in our class that I liked him. 340 more words

Creative Writing

Building Palaces | October 2011

She wanted to build her palace on the sea waves; she really did. She wanted to do this ever since she first heard that song on the radio. 559 more words



There was something about his voice
His voice that dusted out the rounds of sadness,
And swam for hours in the hollow space within my ears. 51 more words

Joshua Bradwell

Cheating at the Game of Life

The Game of Life–the board game, that is, is pretty stupid. But my daughter loved it as a child. I think she liked the tiny cars with pink sticks for mom and girls, blue for dad and boys. 254 more words



When you can see the story but you can not find the way to tell,

in a perfect Words,

there is no need to scream like hell, 105 more words

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