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Who is your angel?

Gems are collecting answers (500 words or less) for the bilingual Hebrew/English The Angel Collection as part of Meow Kacha: We Might All Be Angels… 465 more words


After many years of searching, I am finally in possession of a deck of Brian Eno’s OBLIQUE STRATEGIES cards.
Encased in a small navy blue box, these are a fantastic creative resource. 283 more words


Battle with Marion Redevelopment and Housing Authority: False Charges to Evict A Gay Couple.

These were the two notices that Sammy and I received on April 17, 2014. Our response is below:


TO: Marion Redevelopment and Housing Authority

237 Miller Avenue… 1,918 more words

Personal Writing

Ghostface Thriller

“Don’t go ghost on me, Imma go Thriller on you.”

-Drake, Mine

Everyone’s been there… and if they haven’t been there yet, they’re sure to experience it soon.

203 more words
Personal Writing

Symphony Of You & Me

I am disconnected, body and mind. My wires are exposed and I am baring all as I enter the quiet place. It is here where all of the quiet things stay inside to play, and the place where all of the most quiet and important things hum but never quite break the surface. 89 more words

Personal Writing

Lauren Quinn has written a—perhaps polarizing—piece for the blog of Vela Magazine, a publication   of travel-inspired creative nonfiction written by women. In the piece, “ 125 more words

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