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The Book: Progress Report - July 27, 2014

I haven’t done a book update in a month, mostly because I haven’t done a thing on either book. I’ve been out of town with my children, exploring the northeastern part of the country. 375 more words


Constantly re-evaluating my writing

This month has not gone as well as I’d hoped for the writing. In fact I’ve not written a word since my last blog post. But I have been thinking. 1,956 more words


My Adoption

My adoption was one of the most memorable events for me. It changed my whole life because I was officially a part of a family. Some things happened before any of this though. 413 more words

Personal Writing

Qualifying the Called

My mother found me in a small corner shoved between the refrigerator and cabinets, my head tucked between my knees, having a panic attack. No matter how much I attempted to prepare myself for Thailand for the past six months, the realization that I am moving to Asia did not hit me until today. 615 more words


Weird Summer by Devon Miller-Duggan--conclusion

The past three years have involved three heavy hits (a job that dissolved in weirdly nasty ways, the death of a god son, my mother’s illnesses and increasingly rapid descent/disappearance/dissolution into dementia). 781 more words


When pain enters your life. Part II

Two weeks have passed since Ellington left our home. Two weeks. Sometimes it feels like an eternity has passed. Sometimes, like just a day. The memory of him is still fresh. 164 more words

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Goodbye, for now

I’ve been putting off writing this post for awhile, but the time has come to bite the bullet and put this out there:

For now, I am walking away from this blog. 819 more words

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