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What are you thankful for?

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Today is Thanksgiving. Although I am British and do not celebrate Thanksgiving (I don’t eat Turkey anyway), I have always appreciated the spirit of the holiday. 511 more words


Magical Snow!

In winter time, I have faith in myself like never before. It is simply because no matter how cold the weather is, I always jump out of my bed to do what I have to do – because the world keep spinning around without me! 195 more words

Green Bay

Why we shouldn't tolerate being drunk as a valid excuse

One of the biggest issues I have with humans and often struggle with is people tolerating unacceptable behaviour. Especially when people are intoxicated.

This year I decided to end a friendship because of something that happened where alcohol was involved. 649 more words


Weekend Recap

The first thing I learnt this weekend was to never, ever, ever, let your date choose which sit they want at the table, otherwise you’ll be talking alone the whole meal while the other person stares at the tv and doesn’t pay attention to anything you say. 498 more words



I am here now, I have just awakened, again.

I have little to say, feel little has happened.

With time has come mainly a lack of positive decisions. 125 more words

Personal Writing

Denver to Salt Lake to Boise to Seattle

God Willing things go to plan.

Backup, always have one, interstate travel. I’ll get to Yellowstone someday.

Maybe I’m losing it a little, but a bit of insanity can help the soul. 90 more words

Personal Writing

Seattle housing.

Context, sitting in a Denver Library with a trusted friend:

Shifting to a new horizon always brings the winds of change to one’s sails.

I worry, but only when I am not fully prepared. 110 more words

Personal Writing