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Living is difficult.

Being in a mentally abusive household will be the literal death of me. I wish we could move far away. I’m so temped to save our tax return and save everything to move instead of paying off credit cards.. 37 more words


Back to the grindstone.

So I’m back in China for 2015. Happy new year, everyone — and xinnian kuaile for the upcoming Year of the Goat. I’m still coming down from the mad rush of seeing everyone over the Christmas break, but getting straight back into my writing seems to be helping with that. 326 more words



0: Height 

1: Virgin? 

2: Shoe size 

3: Do you smoke? 

4: Do you drink?  

5: Do you take drugs? 

6: Age you get mistaken for  197 more words



1. What is your best friends name? VIVECA a.k.a Laypii

2. What color underwear/boxers are wearing now? Flowery Blue lmao

3. What are you listening to right now? 352 more words


Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile

Rose-based scents are often tauted as the fragrantic personification of elegance, and as much as I love elegance in all it’s forms, a scent based on the queen of flowers was, up to now, severely lacking in my collection.   432 more words


should i properly introduce myself?

i decided to start a blog because i need somewhere to talk. that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will listen, or talk back, but it helps to type what i’m saying, and share it with someone, even if that someone is the quiet, infinite interwebs. 485 more words

About Me

Hello World! (aka "The First Post" =O)

What’s with the blog name?

One day, I will own a pug. A pug named Bruce. (This guy beat me to the name, but whatever.) He will be the most perfect and adorably round, scrunchy-faced pug to have every walked the earth. 511 more words