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Peacock Sky

Have you seen the sky tonight?

It’s fan-feathered clouds

all illustrious and proud,

flared out with a haughty air.

How fragile you are, dear Sunset– 67 more words


The Facebook "American Challenge"

Seems there’s a new “Challenge” thing going around Facebook, called the “American Challenge”. You’re supposed to show the world how ‘murican you are by taking a picture with the flag, a gun, and the Bible. 109 more words


That’s the problem with special moments. By the time you’re fully aware of their importance, they’ve already passed you by.

The Implicit Lie

What a journal should be is a document of misery


I somehow whole-halfheartedly agree with this. I just completed “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic… 248 more words


A little about me.

My name is Jessica Nicole. Most people call me Jess or Jessie. People who don’t know me well (or are mad at me) generally call me Jessica. 496 more words


What Do You Love?

One question I seem to get asked a lot is “What do you do?” and while I had always assumed a simple “I’m a student” would suffice, it turns out my interrogators (or friendly acquaintances?) want a little more than that. 228 more words