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It is that time of year! When consumers are always on the lookout for a bargain! But! Buyer beware!

If you go shopping online. 115 more words


The Dogs Said Ha! (#SFWApro)

So as I mentioned yesterday, this was another non-productive week.

Finally, middle of the week, I just accepted I was setting too high a standard and decided to reduce the amount I expected to get done. 321 more words


Fan Friday 3

Hmm… remembered this again, last minute. I want to give music a bit of a break. There are a few other visual artists I will probably get to, but I want to think of something new. 268 more words

Perverse Vindication

And the lame posts just keep coming. At least, this is Lame Post Friday, so I suppose there is some excuse. I did not call any of the previous few posts lame in so many words, but I feel that they were. 261 more words


The Catharsis of Cleaning

So I have a lot of free time on my hands right this moment, so the husband and I have been cleaning the bejeezus out of our house and going through things and throwing things out left and right. 410 more words


Who In Their Right Mind Moves to Pahoa?

I’ve always had a rebel streak in me. Got it from my dad, a grown man who relished finding ways to break rules without technically breaking them. 1,553 more words


Shenanigans Of A Hoodlum: Round 2 (Writer's Block)

Writer’s block. Quite a bit of writer’s block. For a couple months now.
Writer’s block from this site. Writer’s block from my bucket list (frownie face). 123 more words