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Emails You Shouldn't See From Management

I work for a sub-contractor (staffing) who hires temp technical employees (me) to staff a contracting company (prime) for their client projects. My current work order for the client project I’m supporting covers me through tomorrow. 297 more words


Water baths

The other day it was chilly and windy and I balked at going outside, but Erik said, “Pretend we’re in Iceland,” and that made things okay. 350 more words


Just a moment.

it has been such a fast-paced day of cleaning the house, getting Monty packed, packing for London, travelling and all the last minute paperwork. Now that it’s 5am, my things are packed, Montycat and hubbycat are all packed and I’m wide awake and my thoughts surprise me. 452 more words


Fresh Air! Times Square!

In Dolgeville, NY is an eatery called Green Acres. I have never been there, but it is an object of some interest to me because of the name. 290 more words


Personal Throwback Thursday: button nose

#tbt to 1988
Button noses, checks graced with revlon red, and miniature limbs.


The future isn't bright. The future certainly isn't orange.

I’ve been feeling very low lately. I’m one of those people that really don’t like not knowing what is going to happen. I panic about the most silly things and let them stress me out. 249 more words


My Trusty FeedDemon Bag

Years ago, when FeedDemon was thriving, I had a canvas FeedDemon bag created for me by CafePress.

I figured it was a novelty, like having a t-shirt made from a picture of your kids when they’re young that you stop wearing once they outgrow the diaper stage. 154 more words