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Day 1: Your current relationship. If single, discuss being single.

I think anyone who reads the description on my blog knows that I am a single 21 year old girl which means for day 1, I get to talk about being single. 310 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

I decided to start a 30 day blog challenge as a motivator to try and start blogging more frequently. I want my blog to be something more than just a place where I vent after a bad day or turn to when I don’t want to face my friends. 52 more words

Tofu and Quinoa and TVP - Oh My!

Today is August 1st (technically it is one in the morning on August 2nd, but I haven’t slept yet and time is arbitrary anyway), and August 1st means that I no longer eat meat Monday through Friday. 684 more words


The Wrong Room

Shredded Comfort, Day 5

I didn’t plan on spending an extended period of time today in a lady’s room at the Group Health Medical facility today. 705 more words


Embracing the Ordinary

For a long time, I was restless with where I was in life. So much of it felt like a waiting game. Waiting to go to college, waiting to find someone to spend my life with, waiting for a job….it felt like I was in the lobby of life. 768 more words


There are things that I already strikeout of my mind. Whereas, these things mean nothing.

I am a good diplomat and good in terms of fixing diplomacy issues between two parties. 233 more words


Back to Writing

Inertia can be very helpful – get a good habit started and it keeps itself going.  But it can also be a royal pain.  In April and May, I was making good progress turning my Daily Cancer Journal into a book.   146 more words