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KC for a different reason

The Russell Lady Broncos’ offense was missing in action last night in Hoisington. It was going to be difficult to defeat Ellinwood if Russell’s offense was functioning, but without it, the Broncos were in big trouble. 315 more words


Men I know

I’ve known a man who cried

A man who lied

And a few who cheated

Some got me flowers, ringsĀ and most got chocolates

But no one ever got the things I needed… 22 more words


Today I went for a walk with my sister. We stayed out later than we should! But, I ran into an old friend. Someone I didn’t expect to see. 335 more words

To stop or to go

Today, I am struggling in between reality and chasing my dream.

Should I stay or should I go?
I really want to pursue my career so bad in acting. 19 more words


Accepting Yourself

Today’s blog post is about accepting yourself. No, I’m not going to talk about self love or any of that fluffy stuff. I want to talk about being real with yourself and accepting failure, but using that as constructive matter towards building a better you. 547 more words


Have you ever experienced that feeling of being full of all the emotions, all of a sudden, juxtaposed upon each other, all the same time? 118 more words