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Happy Halloween (It's All About The Candy For Me)

Halloween is fun, but I’m not someone who is incredibly into the holiday, like some people I know. I have friends and family whose favorite holiday falls on October 31. 444 more words


happy halloween + links to celebrate

Happy Halloween, guys! Although you won’t find me camping out at haunted houses to celebrate, I do love Halloween festivities. I have such wonderful memories from all the years that my sister and I carefully planned our costumes and collected buckets of candy. 108 more words


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Series Retrospective

Today is the end of October, and while I’m gonna be busy as usual for watching and blogging anime shows likes Amagi Brilliant Park and Shirobako. 1,473 more words


Secret Somebody

Just a drop for the secret somebody.
I knew there must have been something that bothered your mind. I was right.
Oh well I do hope you’ll have time ease things out for you. 39 more words



I’m ready for change in my life: new friends, a new mentality, a new attitude and so forth. Except change is currently in the unknown and there’s no way for me to predict how it will play out. 36 more words


BF - Si Badut Frontal

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatu….

Hampir jam sebelas malam dan kupu-kupu itu berkunjung lagi tadi malam. Sungguhan saya yakin bukan karena sambal bakso malang sebagai makan malam yang saya tuang terlalu banyak sepulang kerja. 350 more words