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Seeing someone move on from you is hard. Knowing that their heart belongs to someone else is like a feeling of change finally setting in, the change was always there, but seeing it set in stone finally drives it home. 308 more words

Behind The Clouds

Sometimes life is tough. It really is. Believe me,  I know. One thing after another seems to go wrong, and sometimes we can’t see our way clearly. 254 more words


My boyfriend thinks my poems are shit
He doesn’t like them, not one bit.
He doesn’t like my choice of topic
But I don’t care I will not stop it. 49 more words


3 things i saw today: more THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE :-)

:-) i simply remember my favorite things…and then i don’t feel so bad!!!



the worst thing in the world is dreaming about you

all we do is lay in bed and talk about the world that we live in… 116 more words

How I found my favourite film

My favourite film came to me by sheer chance. I was off school with painful tonsillitis being looked after by my Nana and feeling sorry for myself. 336 more words


His name is Jace...wait, Luis?

In Language arts, we had to write an essay about how we should deserve the “most improved award” it told us to tell them how we have improved since 6th grade, I wrote about how I went from a failing student in 6th grade to an advanced kid in 8th grade. 449 more words