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Edge of Night

So due to time constraints, my short story for this year’s cantata was cut. Instead, I’m posting it here for others to enjoy. At the end, I was going to sing the song… 2,238 more words



Tonight I’m feeling content.


I have discrete math exam on Thursday and c programming exam on Friday. I didn’t study math after the last exam and I probably won’t till tomorrow night. 179 more words


How to Make Friends...

I’ve been reading The Debrief for about 4 months now ever since I realised Emma Gannon (one of my favourite of all the tweeters) worked there and that it was also one of the best of all the websites. 190 more words


Lazy day

Yesterday I had to go to work so I woke up at 6:30 and had to go to the bus at 8:00 and arived at my work at 9:30.. 183 more words


Post 50: new desktop background

Just a silly random post, post 50 actually: this is my new desktop background. Feel free to steal it. :)


The Hunger Games: To Kill a Mockingjay...

Jeg elsker The Hunger Games mere end jeg elsker Harry Potter og Ringenes Herre, som jeg glansløst forsøger at sammenligne serien med. Twilight, hvis jeg skulle være vovet. 843 more words


Movin’ On

I’ve learned to recognize when it’s time to move on. Time is the one thing we can’t make more of but we CAN adjust our lives so we are free to enjoy the time available. 292 more words