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An Intranet for Every Single Employee?

Is an intranet flawed if not every single employee uses it every day? Well, I as an intranet manager certainly would like everyone to use the intranet every day. 2,032 more words

Intranet Idea

In the shoes of… | Gill’s Mum. A fabulous wedding. And a new life ahead...

Last week, our eldest son got married!

Mum, a.k.a @Gills_Mum, has been doing quite a bit of writing recently and I thought you might enjoy her ‘take’ on Abi and Andrew’s wedding … and also an update on how Mum is getting on… 570 more words


The Italian Hospitality industry needs technology to help it over its inefficiencies.

The Italian hospitality industry, in terms of rooms (2,252,636 beds) is the clear winner in Europe.  It is the 3rd largest globally.  It has however a number of inefficiencies and ICT can solve many of these inefficiencies, such as device channel, booking engines, CRM, social media etc. 586 more words

Competitive Advantage

Clean as a whistle

Hotel rooms greet you like one of those south east Asian markets, an assault of messages from all sides. Menus for room service, local attractions, how to work the telly, where the fire exits are… The list goes on. 181 more words

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Rocket Fuel Gets Personal – Launch of Rocket Fuel Personalise Technology

At Rocket Fuel, we’re driven to push technological boundaries on a constant basis and a recent example of this motivation is the launch of the Rocket Fuel Dynamic Personalised Ads technology… 241 more words

"Sometimes you get angels" - what a good support worker looks like

Many years ago a friend of mine said “Sometimes you get angels”. She was referring to those people who come into your life and support your kids. 1,142 more words