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A simple formula with powerful consequences

I was honoured to be asked to facilitate one of the events being run by Age UK and Age Concern recently to promote dementia friendly communities in West Kent. 984 more words


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This is an extremely powerful post by inspirational Zoe Harris, founder and director of Care Charts UK, a social enterprise set up in the light of her late husband’s experience with dementia. Zoe PV0_1163cI was delighted when Zoe came along to our 'launch event' for our series of sixteen Whose Shoes?® sessions in West Kent to build 'dementia friendly communities'. West Kent has been a wonderful breeding ground for people who really 'get' Whose Shoes?® and are keen to be part of the assets-based approach we are trying to build, raising awareness but specifically seeking to fire local people to take action and spread the fires of positive change. As a result of this first session, Zoe became a Whose Shoes? facilitator as an extra way to channel the insight, passion and knowledge gained through her long experience of caring for Geoff. I am very honoured to be associated with Zoe and her wonderful work.

The Dispute Between Relevance And Storytelling

In my time studying at RMIT I wrote an assignment on the notion of creating relevance in your marketing approach. This assignment came to life, because I wanted to compare and disseminate the value of the vastly opposing views: Personalisation and storytelling. 916 more words


A 'beige' approach to reform in health and social care....

A couple of years ago a social work student suggested government policy wanted to make all her service users ‘beige’. I know what she means. … 196 more words

Personalisation and automation ... can these two mix successfully?

I want to touch your heart. And yet I want to touch the hearts of many. And if I want to be efficient while I’m doing it then I need to find a way to automate that intimacy. 393 more words


Care in the Future

Simon Stevens his view of care in 50 years

Is this view by Simon Stevens a pipe dream or will it be reality?

In an ideal world this may be possible, but when care is not practicable at home, a care home is an alternative or independent living within a monitored housing scheme. 644 more words


Keeping Students on Track With a Mobile "Nudge" -- Campus Technology

The University of Washington Tacoma is hoping to improve retention with a daily support message sent to each student’s mobile device.

Retention and student success have long been among the biggest issues facing institutions of higher education, but a new generation of students is complicating matters.

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An investment in hope

Last week I happened to catch an interview with Nobel prize winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz.  Professor Stiglitz was in Australia talking about his latest book on inequality.   258 more words

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