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Quick fix Image makeover !!! Really

I frequently encounter this question when I meet people at parties, social gatherings and a host of other places. Questions range from – “How can I change my image” ? 182 more words


Hey Folks!

Today’s post focuses on inspiration, and how it affects us in a psychological sense. This is a neglected area within Social Psychology. Thus, I have included research from founders of the “Inspiration Scale”  400 more words

Leave Your Friends.

I am really bad at being alone, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Why is the company of other people such a pressing issue on my mind? 545 more words


Social personality extension

What is social media really doing to us? Does it fix things or does it make things worst? Do we feel more approved within the real-society if we get approval from the online-society? 512 more words

Modern Attitude

Things That Make You Feel Uplifted

Sometimes life gets so hectic it can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety or depression because it’s all so difficult to handle. We all need a little “pick-me-up” at times and it’s important to recognize this need and try to fulfill it so that you can refuel and carry on with what needs to be done. 73 more words

ISTJ World: Things ISTJ's don't like

This is one of those self-amusement posts. They are all trivial things that I’ve found other ISTJ’s can relate to. It makes me laugh out loud. 170 more words


Is This Disgusting To You?

Let’s say you had a child. This kid doesn’t swallow their spit and has a habit of talking with a mouthful of saliva. You find this out when one day you ask the child something and get a incoherent response. 43 more words

Futuristically Yours