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Being yourself

“Oh I’m so happy I actually could be myself with them!”
What does that even mean? I don’t think you can ever be NOT yourself. It’s your body and your mind. 67 more words

Fading away

My old life completely fades away and on the horizon there’s a new life coming up. There’s so much change. Everything changes. Days, hours and minutes are running by and it feels like years have passed. 45 more words


The Ugly Truth about Perfectionism

     Typing up a blog post right now, at a time like this, is actually really uncharacteristic of me. See, I’ve had an awfully unproductive day today. 792 more words

Never Me, Only Them...Until Now

I can never be me. At least that’s how I see it, and acknowledge it.

In regular life, all my friends know me as a comedian, an always cheery person, who couldn’t have a care in the world. 557 more words

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Advances In Personality

Between 1995 and 2010, scientists looked more and developed more theories and findings in the field of personality. Research, especially when it comes to something as intangible as personality, can be slow. 612 more words


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The Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes

By Leo Babauta
( this is one of my favorites by Leo Babauta )
The mind is a wonderful thing. 1,306 more words