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no shame…to speak my truth…to not personalize or at least to reduce…to stop needing everyone else to validate my decisions…to stand tall

I’m getting there

Personalize it!

Some of the best gifts are those that are personalized. I love having things made specifically for myself or my children.

As much as I love making things myself I sometimes resort to online shopping (AKA online Therapy) It gives me more choices and great value for money. 91 more words



Beautiful embroided teddies in a frame. Just lovely for any little ones bedroom! :)

We also do all the other months. Have a look at our website for more details. http://www.trilogyclothing.com



The very first advertisement that I will analyze is the brand new “Share a Coke” campaign.  My rating: good, VERY good.  Personally, I am already a fan of Coke, but largely in part because they are marketing geniuses.  444 more words

The Good

Say! My name!

내 이름을 불러줘!

랙앤본의 2014년 가을 /겨울 뉴욕 컬렉션에 선 탑 모델들의 쟈켓에는 그녀들의 이름이 앞 뒷면에 정성스럽게 새겨져있었다.

이번 시즌부터 새롭게 커스터마이즈 오더 서비스를 새롭게 시작하기 때문이다.

세계적인 보그 패션 에디터 안나 델라 루소 역시 자개로 고급스럽게 만들어진 에디 파커의 클러치에 자신의 이름을 새겨 마치 네임표를 내 걸듯

당당하게 내이름은 안나라고 자랑한다. 

탑모델들을 통해 내 이름에 대한 자신감, 올드 스쿨룩에 대한 향수를 불러 일으키며 

나만의 쟈켓, 나만의 백이라는 내 이름을  당당하고 자신있게 패션을 통해 소통하기 시작했다. 



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So What Is My Story...

In my previous post I shared how the concept of storytelling is a great marketing tool. Ideally the story engages the reader and shares the mission and passion about you organization. 855 more words

General Interest


EN – Who thinks, that the vintage cult is only booming in Europe is mistaken: as I am planning my September-trip to Egypt, I informed myself about the traces of vintage in that foreign country. 442 more words