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21 Things You Learn After One Year As A Sober 21-Year-Old

1. Everything becomes normal if you do it long enough.

Even sobriety. Even when it seems like it will never get better or easier – it does. 828 more words

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Turning 21 soon! :) This is a point to ponder when reaching the maturity age :)

T is for Tulips

Tulips are my favorite.
White tulips above all. Tulips in every color are gorgeous, but white ones are my favorite.

I don’t know when exactly tulips became my favorite, but I had tulip bedding in 1987. 404 more words


S is for So Many Things

I have so many things to do in my yard.

No, really, SO MANY.

Spring has arrived, and my yard is full of so many neglected plants that need division. 313 more words


“I needed to write.”

There is a lot of things in this world that worth taking a minute to think about.. I think a lot of people are invisible to us that we’re killing them slowly by not making them feel noticeable, I believe that there is a lot of things I want to change about how people see things but mostly, I want to change “how I see things”, just one smile from you may change a life, think about how big is that! 109 more words


Can't deny that I want you but I'ill lie if I have to

We grind and well that’s fine
But it never goes further than that
I don’t wanna keep longing for ya
Nor will I let myself admit I do…
18 more words


Q is for Quilts

I love quilts. I love strip quilts and wedding band quilts and yo-yo quilts and art quilts and crazy quilts and I have never met a quilt I didn’t like, although I tend to prefer whites and I tend to prefer squares. 493 more words



The news I’m getting about the highly successful Nigerian duo P-Square is not funny one bit… If they haven’t broken up as we speak then they’re very much on the brinks… And you know what, we may have one of their newly wedded wives to thank for the disaster. 305 more words