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Surpassing Heroes

Didn’t see that coming

I had Indian food for dinner with an old friend tonight in Hong Kong. You know you’re having authentic ethnic cuisine when you’re not sure if you’re walking into a drug deal or a restaurant. 924 more words


Born Without Arms

It’s not hard to find stories which show us clearly that the world is full of people who are different, unique and special.  That’s the way God made us and for some people being different involves overcoming difficulties physically and mentally.  170 more words

Positively Pro-Life

Epigenetics and the American Historical Narrative Part I: The Declaration of Independence

I hope that after reading the title of this post you are quite skeptical and asking yourself ‘What could epigenetics possibly have to do with the Declaration of Independence?’ By the end of this series of posts, though, you will see that the answer to this question is ‘Much more than you might think,’ though probably not how you might think. 1,345 more words



Personhood is such an interesting concept with so many wonderful implications…

Anything recognized as a “person” in the eyes of the law benefits from certain legal rights and protections. 123 more words


Identity Through Change of Composition: Issues

Gill Prestidge
University of St Andrews


In this article I am going to be arguing that the account of identity through change of composition offered by E.J. 2,732 more words


Dear Richard Dawkins...

One of our favourite websites, savingdowns.com have posted a response to a tweet of Richard Dawkins that said,

“Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice”

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Positively Pro-Life