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Singleness Is Not An Affliction

Sex education in the Church, quite unintentionally, may diminish the vocations of biblical manhood and womanhood.  It may, perhaps, cause some men and women to view singleness as an affliction.  449 more words

Identity Shapes Faith & Practice

Trust Is Risk...

Trust is risk that you feel good about. I don’t remember if I read someone saying this, or if I simply realized it while observing people. 556 more words

Identity In Christ

Don't abandon the rape and incest babies

I just sent the following to my representative:

Subject: Don’t abandon the rape and incest babies
Dear Representative Carson,

Please do not support the H.R. 36: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as it is – it withholds protection for babies conceived through no fault of their own through rape and incest.

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Love Your Neighbor

Population: Me

Atanasio, que significa ‘El inmortal’, murió en el año 373 d.C.

- Miguel Catalán, La nada griega

What’s in a name?

In the fifth grade, I told my Argentine friends that my name–Vance–meant “prince.” This was an honest mistake; I thought I was relaying what my parents had told me. 313 more words


Atheists who impose their beliefs on others

It’s unfortunate to hear professing Christians who say that they won’t let their faith influence their public policy, e.g. ‘I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I won’t enforce my faith on the pregnant woman who must be given the right to choose’, although the unborn baby has no ‘choice’.

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7 Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015

Changes for abortion, contraception and more top the agenda with Republicans in the majority in Congress and many state legislatures.

by Nina Martin

ProPublica, Jan. 16, 2015, 3:50 p.m. 2,051 more words

Reproductive Rights

Learning to dance

The last few days have been occupied with trying to think of a title for my MA dissertation. The problem is in trying to narrow a focus: to write about Something means that I cannot write about Everything, which is what I really desire.   231 more words