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Remind me to stay motiviated

(Original postdate 8/11/2012.  Not much has changed and a lot has changed.  Enjoy!)

This woman, Sarah Conner (the character) from Terminator II was what inspired me to get in… 878 more words


Lunch break blues

Twelve minutes to pass. The clock is ticking on my lunch break and I’m at a loss.  Wanting to pick up my work and begin again, but that defeats the purpose of the lunch break.  147 more words


When Motivation Needs a Fresh Perspective

The challenge…Find the one true path through the mountain.

Often calling on participants to exercise their imagination, I wanted the group to visualize the expanse of tarp with its graphed squares as a mountain which had to be crossed one square at a time and one person at a time, from one end to the other.  441 more words

31 Days To Stay Motivated!

This Sounds Oddly Familiar...

Last night before bed, I decided to go ahead and read through the verses and come back later on the lengthy commentary. I moved on to the next Chapter (Surah). 449 more words


My First Day Reading the Qur'an

Today I was fed up. A person on Facebook posted something against Islam. There were outrageous claims that I believe to be ignorant and unfounded. I can’t understand. 538 more words


The Stewardship of Glory

Avoiding something that we should take responsibility for is not an admirable trait, so why do we celebrate it in the context of our faith? Why do we affirm religious rhetoric that diminishes the value we have as we speak of the purpose Jesus has for our lives? 421 more words


What does Jesus have to say about retirement?

Jesus reflects on the parable of the rich man who pulls down his barns to build more barns to ensure security in his latter years. This need to get and to acquire in the story is what Jesus concludes as “foolish”. 761 more words