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Thought: If you were God ...

If you were God and were selecting those who are allowed in Heaven with You, who would you let in?

A) People who claim to know You based on human-written stories and are often bothering you with personal requests… 65 more words


enjoy the incredible and lovely Manresa

I just came back from camping with family to a beach in Watsonville. This spectacular stretch of beach heaven was the perfect place to unwind, collect sand dollars and watch these small crabs hatch their young. 126 more words



I don’t know why packing is so difficult for me. It’s always the only part of vacation I really dread. I wonder if it’s because I have an adversity to planning. 173 more words


No way...I can't do that.

When my daughter was a toddler she was extremely scared of the vacuum cleaner. She was so scared that if we didn’t want her wandering out of the room, we could place the vacuum in the middle of the hallway. 600 more words


Playing with Lights and Shadows

If we lived in a world where the importance was on the presence or absence of light, life would be boring. Images would resemble an Andy Warhol painting without all the funky color combinations. 94 more words


Bereft - not a word I want to know

Chonda Pierce lost her husband tonight. And I sit here with tears welling, for her, but more for the idea of loss of spouse, of soul-mate and I’m frozen thinking. 381 more words