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Teen Age Idol

Who did I idolize as a teenager?  I gave myself sixty-seconds to think about it and concluded that the better question is who didn’t I idolize as a teenager… 121 more words

Creative Writing

How do you view the Bible's Jesus?

After comments on my previous post, I decided to make another diagrammatic attempt of the different ways people view the Bible’s Jesus.  Hopefully it is self-explanatory but here are some quick points: 34 more words

Philosophy & Religion

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The full spectrum of belief in the Biblical account of Jesus, from Mythicists to Fundimentalists. Where do your beliefs land?

Guest Post: Let go of your results

Sarah from Creating Contentment has a fantastic post for us to read today. I can identify with what she has written and have been working hard to let go of certain aspects myself… I hope you enjoy the read, and look forward to your comments. 382 more words

Creating Contentment

Three Things In Life

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I’M VERY ACCUSTOMED TO BEING STOPPED IN MY TRACKS AT A PHOTOGRAPH THAT EVOKES A BYGONE ERA: we’ve all rifled through archives and been astounded by a vintage image that, all by itself, recovers a lost time. 424 more words


The Zen of Shuffleboard

Hanging out in a 55+ community can teach you a lot about life.

It’s never too early for happy hour.
It’s never too early to paint a driveway. 405 more words


Life in a nutshell......!!!! one moment of recap...anguished

As a freelancer, I did learn the traits of a business and how it can help in growing at a quicker pace which often is a hard work b some of the most unexpected talents….Yes!!! 613 more words