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What does the way I handle a crises say about me?

In times of real test or great trouble or severe temptation, what pulls us through and enables us to survive is not our ability to make a snap decision on the spare of the moment, but rather it is the confidence we have on being able to draw on a principle-rich foundation that had been laid piece-meal throughout the calmer moments of our lives. 560 more words

Personal Growth

Meriam Ibrahim, Thank You. A letter to Meriam.

Meriam Ibrahim on Megyn Kelly! Amen and Amen! This makes me so happy! Truly happy.  Joyful! The Lord listens and hears the prayers of his people! 200 more words


The Things We Resist Persist

Sometimes there are minor changes that would make such a major difference when it comes to our happiness. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is that keeps me from doing them. 264 more words


Let's Reflect.

Glass is a rather unique substance. Some debate it as a solid or a very viscous liquid (although the myth that it flows over time seems to have been debunked). 310 more words


When I grow up ...

Those words roll off my tongue often and I smile every time.  It’s not that I see myself as a child, even a teen, or a twentysomething … but I am a woman with a lot of dreams.   322 more words



Massage has many benefits and few side effects. It is relaxing and makes you feel revitalised.

Below are some of the common problems that are improved by a regular massage: 389 more words


Inside The Mind of God


The Implicit (what is not expressed) may have occurred before the expansion of the Big Bang. A circular (or spherical) expanding boundary from a singularity can only occur if there are relationships across it. 211 more words