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Halloween 2014

Regular hotel night tonight.  A quiet Halloween night, which has its own eerie quality.  I overheard a man, who had been applauding me all through dinner, say as he and his wife walked away from tipping me: 322 more words

The Glass Perspective

I imagine every person has encountered the adage “is your glass half full or half empty” when seeking advice about a specific life event. And if you haven’t heard it, I suggest climbing out from under the rock where you have currently taken up residence. 722 more words

Happy going door to door

Rain! What rain?
Cold! What cold?

There’s candy to be had in the company of friends.
There’s people to frighten and overcome with tricks,
People who will scatter before us fists full of treats. 59 more words




October 31, 2014

Bottle green she runs relentlessly at the shelf of cobblestones and the slabs of boulders. She falls back white and frothy, scrabbling at the pebbled beach, the stones rolling and bouncing. 277 more words


Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman's Perspective : How to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out on a date is easier with an idea in mind and a casual, but detailed request. Ask a girl out with confidence and style with tips from a fema…
by Internet Archive Book Images

The Honesty of Your Flaws

Perfection – does it exist?

We live in a world where the person we tend to present to others is not the full quota of our true self, but a variation. 152 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge - Descent

In life there are for sure many different perspectives from which to view the world … this week’s photo challenge is focusing on the descent perspective. 96 more words