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I want to forewarn you, my current state is late night induced delirium mixed with lots of feels.

Those of you who know me , know that I am pretty bad at ‘goodbyes’. 492 more words


Have you ever...

Felt that in someway the life you are living now isn’t as great and glamorous as it was supposed to be? I mean have you ever just wondered if there was something about your life you can just change right away so that everything else will fall into place. 190 more words


Curing poor I-sight

Lasik eye surgery in 1997 corrected my inherited nearsightedness, but according to Max Lucado, there is another malady affecting people’s vision today. It’s not a problem with natural eyesight but with “I-sight”—one’s view and perception of him or herself. 273 more words


people, oh people.

People can say what they want about life but it’s obvious that people just let the bad outweigh the good. Why? Why is it so easy to feel sorry for yourself? 887 more words

The Tangent Times


I take my son to a preschool program a few days a week to help him prepare for school starting this September. He enjoys it and it’s helping both of us gradually enter this new world. 320 more words

On timing...

Today I had to take Sai to the walk-in clinic to get his toe checked out. While waiting to be seen by the doctor and simultaneously texting our ‘personal’ physiotherapist Uncle Ron (who by the way gave the same diagnosis as the doctor about 1 hour before the doctor confirmed and without even seeing the injured toe), Sai and I had this convo: 273 more words

The Boys

Putting things back together

Life goes on.  You get depressed, life goes on.  You withdraw… life goes on.  You go into the hospital… life goes on.  Sometimes it pisses me off, makes me feel insignificant, like if I actually made the commitment and committed suicide life would just go on.   910 more words