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inside out

What are we people,


Here to do

Or not do?

-Run road races

Hug babies

Bake bread

And die in the comfort

Of our sleep? 41 more words

8 types of people I met in a Singapore University

Well, I’m currently studying in a Singapore university. So it’s probably be any of the 3 schools NUS,NTU or SMU.

So here’s my take on the different people you will meet in a Singapore university. 738 more words


I Was Blind But Now I See

Reading the unrestrained thoughts of others has always fascinated me. The art of blogging has given an entirely new dimension to human expression. Each of us have moments of clarity where our life experiences or observations teach us something or impact us in a way that we can’t help but want to share it with others. 507 more words


Never let lousy people affect you again

I’ve never told anyone this, but I have an alter ego.

When I rip off my shirt I have a giant “O” on my chest. I am Captain Obvious, because I am one hundred percent sure that you already know what I am about to tell you. 687 more words

Self Help

Our Word :: Week 1 Day 3 :: Place (Now)

I live in the house I grew up in. That’s not strictly true — our first home was two doors down, and later we traded the poplars and sycamores for spanish moss and palms — but this is the home my grandparents built, and it is the only solid structure, the only… 1,152 more words

Realizing Life (Because it's Going to Happen, Whether You Realize it or Not)

“Wow, all of these people are listening to me”.

That’s the startlingly intelligent thought I had yesterday while giving a speech to 150 students at a conference I helped organize at my school. 262 more words

A Spring Adventure- A Road Trip through the United Kingdom

On Wednesday we are embarking on a Spring adventure to the United Kingdom. We are really excited about it. We have been to London and the Cotswolds once before. 136 more words