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Midnight's Cage

Summer’s rain collects beneath the edge of neon light,
gathered in a rusting pool reflecting sharp the languid night
where only lonely echoes blend last call with none at all, 149 more words


Fear and Climbing in the Canadian Rockies

In my version of my first mountain summit in the Canadian Rockies, I’d tell you the steep snow wall I had to ascend to approach Mt. 469 more words


Embrace the Grit

Building and serving a community, such as this nifty queer positive Hindu satsang that I’ve started, is hard work. There are times where I think, with my bags loaded up and riding public transit on our monthly puja days (yesterday being one of them), “I don’t want to lug all of this puja paraphernalia all the way to our rented space. 763 more words


Helicopter parenting and stating the obvious

(image credit: teenlife.com)

I had a remarkable interaction with a parent of a teenager who will be ready to face the working world next summer.   This particular parent just happened upon our resort to scope out potential lodging to stay at next spring while his son pounded the pavement to find himself a job.   347 more words


Master Gardener

This isn’t how it’s done.  You brush before the dentist appointment and clean before the maid comes and certainly you pull the weeds before the Master Gardener arrives to look things over in your garden. 1,091 more words



As someone who devours the news and enjoys reading various types of articles online, I often stumble across “new to me” vocabulary terms. During some recent online perusing, I encountered an article that discussed some newer expressions and one in particular resonated with me. 697 more words


It was a Wake Up call...

and now for a serious blog,
How much time do you have remaining on this earth? 10 years, 25 years, 50 years? Who knows, right? 564 more words