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Duck or Rabbit?

What do you see?

(This is a precursor to tomorrow’s post, which will be on perspective and optical illusions!)

"Just Smile And Go Shrimpin' . . . "

How I wish I was simple,
Like the character
“Forrest Gump.”
How I dream that
I just didn’t “get it,”
That I didn’t “know”
What I think I know. 83 more words

Rising Hawk

Everything (Sacrifices)

So, I’ve been doing a really bad job of keeping the Daily Jorge… well, Daily.

I’m sorry I missed yesterday. Seriously, I’m starting to hate my internet situation. 255 more words


Shall we dance?

So you’re looking for a new job.  You’re about to reach out to your contacts for job leads.  You’re about to engage in a delicate dance of communication.  385 more words

Hungry hunger hungers hunger

The blue man saw me picking strawberries

By the riverside and told me to leave.

And so I did. I was just picking some food. 237 more words

To Build a Home

I’m on my bedroom floor, drinking a cup of Darjeeling and listening to Beirut. An open suitcase is on my bed, preparations for travel are scattered about; I’m deeply content this evening as I await tomorrow’s flight to Louisiana. 333 more words