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Sunken Ends

                                                 I know the beginning,
And the ending,
But the journey
Traps me,
On every side

Beautiful, confident people pass,                   How do they do it?
Striding forward,                                               No one taught me, 99 more words


You Don't Even Know Me

You don’t even know me, and the place of my birth, the rich valleys, the beautiful mountains, touching the sky. You choose not to see the breathtaking scenery, the bright colored culture of these people so misunderstood. 945 more words

Just Another Rant

Blogtober 20th: It could've been worse.

October 20, 2014

Of some days, the best that may be said by way of gratitude is, well, it could’ve been worse.

At least the day didn’t drag. 169 more words


How Much Does Presentation Influence Perception in the Harry Potter Series?

One of the things I do when I read books is I try to view the story from a different perspective. Sometimes this involves a shift from first person narration to third person narration or vice versa. 826 more words


a Zen story

One day a traveler came to the banks of a wide and deep river. There was no way to cross and he walked along the edge of the water for miles, feeling hopeless. 79 more words



I’m on my own at work so I’m reading and rereading all my local news websites, as one does in an attempt to stay awake til 5pm. 512 more words