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Gratitude - The key to happiness?

If you type in ‘The key to happiness’, Google returns about 71,100,000 results. I admit that over the past years a huge collection of advice on what to do in order to be happy could be found. 289 more words



by Olivia Pintair

As Gloria Steinem once said, “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn but to unlearn.” 429 more words


I’ve spent most of the past month trying to plan the upcoming festival season for book promotion, and the results will be forthcoming soon. Just before embarking upon this planning, I had explored the idea of attending the Iceland Writers Retreat in Reykjavik in April. 643 more words

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The Power of Money


Today I wanted to voice my thoughts on such a huge concept, it’s impossible to even know where to begin…Money. Like many of us, I am not one without financial struggles but for some time, I have been concerned about what I see money doing to other people in my life. 540 more words


February 1


Heading into the second month of the year, I find it imperative that we ask ourselves, “how do we match up now?”. In comparison with what we aimed for and said we would shoot for at the turn of the year, how do our stars currently align within the purpose of the divine? 269 more words

Words [2]

To hurt a person deep and long,

To leave an influence too strong,

To turn a life from right to wrong,

To steal a tune and end a song, 28 more words