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Perspective Changes Everything

Some days will either make or break you.

Some are filled with such uncontainable joy and laughter. The birth of a newborn, answered prayer for salvation of a loved one, and the love shared between a husband and wife on their wedding day. 299 more words


Good-bye to Summer 2014...

Although the scorching heat in many places didn’t reflect it, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. For many school districts, it marks the end of summer vacation and a start to the new school year (a fact which may bring a smile to the faces of many parents and guardians and a frown to the faces of many students). 591 more words


Focus on What You Have

Last month I wrote about my experience creating a gratitude vision board. I mentioned that at one point during the workshop I decided that the board just wasn’t going to happen. 402 more words

Lisa Ivaldi

The Business of The Size 2

The words “I ain’t no size two, but…” are often followed by something like, “I love my body anyway”, “I feel like a woman because of my curves”, “I’d rather be a real woman and not a skinny bitch”. 1,206 more words

An Impromptu Song

In the middle of a massive, potentially foreboding city, my mom and I discovered a slice of unadulterated joy…at the Times Square Starbucks, no less. After artfully navigating through a sea of people, we finally reached the front of the line for coffee, pastries, and trinkets. 111 more words

I Just Want To.

I want to write about things that fill me up with sunshine. I want to get rid of this dark cloud that rests upon my head. 56 more words



I only watch recorded programs and movies off of the television. When I watch a program or movie by myself, I can fast forward through parts of it that move too slowly or back up to view scenes again. 358 more words