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We all deserve a big fat break in life!

We are all perfect because of our individuality, or we aren’t because of it. It depends on perception. It depends on the extensiveness of our judgements. 139 more words


Perspectives 2015

On Monday, January 12th, we will be starting the Perspectives class at our church.  This class goes every Monday night for 15 weeks 6:30pm-9:30pm.  It will be held in the Refuge located on 40th Street right off of Grand Avenue.   147 more words


We are human. And we are incomparable.

We all have different passions.

We all have different talents.

We all have different aspirations, and dreams.

We all have different fears, and hopes.

Every single person is different. 186 more words


The Retrospective Perspective

Live in the moment– that’s where life happens. An experience nonetheless, but what if you relive the moment a second time? Analyzing, writing about, or explaining gives the opportunity to undergo that moment again– in retrospect– sometimes proving more beneficial than before. 202 more words


Passive Aggressive Bullying - not cool.

It honestly annoys me so much when people belittle other people.

I’ve never been bullied, and for that I am grateful, however, I’ve been belittled and back stabbed a lot to know how unfair it is. 563 more words


Your wildest dreams are waiting...

The limits you place upon yourself determine the type of life you lead! Free yourself from your fears, and have the initiative to dream wildly and passionately! 101 more words


Perspectives: UC's Response to Issue of Sustainability - A Call to Action

As leading public research universities, the UC campuses share a passion for distributing awareness and data, as is made evident by their efforts in undertaking and promoting sustainable operations. 462 more words