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One day, I was chatting with someone and told her I’d like to go on a soul searching trip. I would like to figure my wants and needs, and who are the people I really need in my life.

Chapters Of Life

How Adults’ Ways of Coping with Disappointments Affect the Child…


From the mind of Murray, B., clinical psychologist…

“If the adults can pull through their disappointments, then, the kids will feel that sense of security”. 162 more words


It was a Wake Up call...

and now for a serious blog,
How much time do you have remaining on this earth? 10 years, 25 years, 50 years? Who knows, right? 564 more words


The Time Machine

Where would you go? This poster poses a whimsical question. It was released to advertise the 2002 movie version of H.G. Wells classic work The Time Machine (1895); oddly, directed by one Simon Wells. 463 more words


Creative Mondays: The Art of Excuses..

Oft we live in glass houses, but we throw stones and we forget that…
We theorize, imagine and dream.. yes, we oft get caught in the world of idealism… 188 more words


ScottBlogs ~ How wars start

“C*ck!!…” His voice sounded out into the Hitchin air as Vic drove away. What the hell happened there, I wondered, how did he get so angry, so quickly? 


of an old book

They say that women fall in love with a man only once they get to know him. I’ve thought long and hard and can’t seem to remember a time I fell in love like that. 438 more words