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I thought I was done...

When I finished the last post on Persuasion, I did a little happy dance in my head because I thought I was done.  However, it is a rainy, yucky afternoon, my husband is watching… 751 more words


Persuasion's New Hero - the Sailor

Captain Frederick Wentworth is certainly an entirely different sort of hero than we have met thus far, which is fitting because Anne Elliot is a different sort of heroine. 515 more words


Humanity in communication


People have been giving and receiving presentation skills training for years (actually several millennia) and in that time there have surely been some changes in what might be regarded as a “good” presentation. 886 more words


Let's All Make Refutable Claims!!!!

In Barry Glassner’s “Dubious Dangers On Roadways & Campuses: How Fears Are Sold”, he points out that fear is sold not by solid evidence or facts, but rather on mere claims. 202 more words

I have seen several documentaries, not an overwhelming amount, but I do have an extensive list that I would like to see, but they are not ever a priority. 688 more words

In The Name Of Persuasion

In the name of Persuasion
it no longer remains a Game
when two Hearts come in contact

The first day I saw into your eyes… 120 more words


Progress in Decision-Based Negotiation

As I come to learn more about decision-based negotiation, my first goal would be to focus on my mission and purpose, to control my neediness and never prove neediness, to always allow my adversary to be okay, to have no fear of saying or hearing “no”.

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