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Friday Baked Salt & Pepper, Chilli Calamari & Salad

Dinner tonight was baked chilli calamari with chill, salt & pepper with salad. I cut the squid into rings and tossed it in a plastic bag with a teaspoon of chilli powder, teaspoon of salt and pepper, then baked in a 240C oven for five minutes and served it with a salad. 32 more words

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Oktoberfest Down Under!

Oktoberfest is renowned world wide and is held annually in the German city of Munich, Bavaria,  for a fun-packed 16 days. Despite its name it starts in mid September though it does “spill over” (literally I would imagine) to the first weekend of October! 1,228 more words

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Thursday Malaga Cake Factory

We are going to a house warming party on Saturday night so l went to the Malaga Cake Factory and bought some cakes to take with us, which will go on our house warming gift, a serving platter. 97 more words

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A: This things always get me into trouble. Always. Looking for a perfect match. When there is no perfect match.
B: Tapi kata nyokap, gak ada orang 100% cocok.

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The tale of a screaming toddler

I'd kinda forgotten about the flies that come hand in hand with the start of Summery weather in Perth. You, along with everyone else in WA is constantly doing this wafty hand thing across your face to stop the suckers from invading your mouth, so you soon remember how annoying it can get! 547 more words


'Single Most Important Things' from Australia

It’s mid-October, and I’m home after five weeks in Australia, touring the country and giving talks, workshops, and meeting the people. Australia is a vast, beautiful and wondrous country, and requires countless more hours of exploration. 2,859 more words


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