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The Gannet - A review.

I shall admit this is not the first time I have been to The Gannet. I have been twice before, once in January and a second time in May perhaps. 642 more words


Hare at Sunrise

Groggy, dry-mouthed, dishevelled, hungry.

The kids had woken us at least 2 hours before our bodies would have. I peered at the untouched pint of water I’d sat beside the bed last night, tested with my finger whether my tongue really was wooden, and wondered for the gazillionth time why I never drink the water during the night. 199 more words

Silence after the storm

This tranquil scene belies the maelstrom the dark water has just come through, tumbling down a series of falls, with the tallest and fiercest just visible through the stone bridge. 49 more words


Camping visit to Scone

Planning a future trip to Scone in Perthshire, Scotland, the home of Scone Palace and the Stone of Scone - also known as the Stone of Destiny.   40 more words


The Falls of Dochart.

Really. Scotland is a place you cannot take bad photos of. Even with a horrible camera or with a total lack of skill… Miraculosly all the photos turn out beautiful. 47 more words

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