Peru Day 7-Machu Picchu

The most obvious reason people visit Peru is to visit the Ancient Incan City of Machu Picchu. After all was said and done that is what the seventh day of my trip to Peru was all about. 2,471 more words


Andes by rail

Train travel affords an opportunity to see a side of the landscape not to be otherwise seen, and by that measure Peru Rail’s Andean Express… 705 more words


Contemplating Cusco

For the Incas, all roads led to Cusco.  The city’s name is a corruption of the Inca word for “center,” and it was for them the “navel of the world”, the place from which roads to the four compass points linked the capital with the four regions through which it administered the empire. 885 more words


Magnificent Machu Picchu

The air is cool and a weak dawn filters through the clouds as I rub sleep from my eyes and hope that there’s someplace to buy coffee at this early hour. 625 more words


Aguascalientes... by rail!

River, road, and rails often run together through this part of the Valle Sagrada – the Sacred Valley – but the river road turns east into the mountains beyond Ollantaytambo , and anyone not trekking the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu must arrive by train. 904 more words


Peru Rail

I’ve always enjoyed taking the train over auto transit. Trains in general tend to have smoother rides, and less of an exhaust smell. Overall, I think they are significantly more comfortable. 215 more words

Ramble through Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo is where the Inca ruins come most alive.

Here the terraces creep down the mountainside to the very edge of a town in which many Inca structures survive and have been continuously inhabited by their descendants. 788 more words