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I think I’ll remember Perguia by the sunflowers. The first day we were there Kirra and I went walking along a worn horse trail, boarded by fields and fields of sunflowers, bright blue beneath a stark blue sky. 88 more words

Medical Insurance: Essential and Infuriating

Roughly 24 hours after Jay and I had landed in Italy (it seemed weeks ago), Scarlett and I sat on hard chairs in the cramped hospital room, talking quietly to Jay. 738 more words


Italian Foodie Overdose!

With this post, I just decided to add the remaining pictures of foods I ate on my Italian foodie adventure. When the food is good everywhere you go in Italy, it gets hard to remember the names of the places, and the names of the meals. 144 more words



My absolute favourite part of the Italy, so far, was staying at a 200 year farmhouse in Perugia. The city of Perugia was nothing special, but the farmhouse,about half an hour outside the city, was gorgeous. 315 more words

Dining on Pigeon at the Castle

In Perugia, we stayed two nights in a castle. A legitimate, built in the 1500’s, medieval looking, complete-with-turrets castle. It had been converted into a small, somewhat luxurious resort, with poolside drinks and wonderful Umbrian countryside views. 1,474 more words

Ospedale (Hospital): Italy 2013

I awoke at noon, sweating and stunned. Michael made coffee; I drank it, tasting nothing. My relief at knowing Jay was in the hands of medical professionals had vanished. 915 more words