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The popularity of Orange is the New Black has made wearing orange jumpsuits fashionable among the general public so, to prevent any confusion when his inmates perform work assignments away from prison, the sheriff of Michigan’s Saginaw County is switching his inmates back to the old-style uniforms of horizontal black and white stripes. 501 more words


"A lot of strange things happen in this world. Things you don't know about in Grand
Rapids. Things you don't want to know about. Doors that shouldn't be opened."
- Andy Mast… 61 more words

“Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions.” ~ Aldous Huxley


Reviews (still trying to catch up!)

Ok now I have normal skin and really crazy hair, these things are important to know about me, as they affect what I think of a product. 657 more words


The way she moves throughout the room, the grace to withstand the most jarring intrusion – oh her words move mountains. Are you listening? The way she dances all sensuality and knowing, dances around your arguments as if they were made of water and she were the queen of swans. 208 more words


“Since for the pervert the Law is not fully established (the Law is his lost object of desire), he supplements his lack with an intricate set of regulations. 98 more words


Big Wood

“I’m in wood. Just bringing in the big wood.”

I wasn’t sure if he was speaking figuratively

“Those hurricanes come through out there, knock down all these old trees – teak, mahogany. 370 more words