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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Hey Guys! I received a deluxe size sample of the new UD Perversion mascara in June, and am confident that after a month of use I am now prepared for this review. 156 more words

Life isn't fair! (Ezekiel 18:29)

Today’s Readings: Ezekiel 18-19; John 12

Yet the people of Israel continue to complain, “The lord’s way is not fair al all!” You think My way is unfair, people of Israel?

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I have trouble with pacing when I run, blazing out of the gate, crawling in the middle, then hoofing it to the finish line as gracefully as a crack addict would run to a giant pile of crack. 199 more words

Half-assed Fitness Attempts


Wann wurden Abweichungen zur Norm und Normalität
Krankhaft Zwanghaft
Wer hat die Grenzen der Anständigkeit unter Haufen von Schmutz begraben
Den Blick verstellt auf das was gut ist und gerecht… 44 more words

One of the Lucky Ones

I am lucky.

Just a few minutes ago, I was reading an article on gendertrender, and Gallus Mag had linked to an article by naefearty… 913 more words

¿Hacer el amor y motel son sinónimos?

Desde siempre creí que los moteles eran para amantes, para enfermos o para el gerente y la secretaria que ya no podían tener sexo en la oficina porque era demasiado peligroso. 565 more words

The Censor

There was so much filth. Every day the disobedience created mountains and mountains of filth. I had to sit a pour through the piles. Clowns with animals, animals with machines, children, the elderly, and so many tentacles! 181 more words