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Destroying Pessimism - help fix my bleeped up thought process, and help yours too!

I very recently read a story in the news about a man that beat his girlfriend with a two week old puppy until it died. Minutes later I read about a couple here in West Michigan who raped a one year old little girl – and videotaped it. 810 more words


Dag! Een biertje, alstublieft

(Greetings! One beer, please.)

I can happily say that, after 16 hours of traveling and a little bit of getting lost (are we really surprised? I’m definitely not), I have finished by first full day in Belgium. 604 more words


Be Fair

Just being realistic?
Yeah right

No joy without sadness?
Not quite

There’s no need to compare
To know if it’s there

Pessimism’s not wisdom
So be fair


Trust, Love, and Hope

That *points to the picture above* seems to be everywhere you look. Don’t trust, because you might get hurt, don’t love because you might get hurt, don’t hope because why? 1,064 more words

Editor Keri Writes: There is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself.

So, how’ve you been keeping?
Nasty weather isn’t it.
Did you get that thing sorted after?

Right, that’s the small talk out the way.

That last Queen blog must have worked on some cosmic level, I got a job interview! 243 more words


Naysayer Nancy

NEWS FLASH!!! Matthew: Volume 7 of Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes is now available from CreateSpace (paperbacks) and Kindle (eBooks). Click on the link to the right of this page to go to Amazon and place your order. 702 more words

Church Age