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Hope: A Tragedy - Shalom Auslander

What would you do if you found someone hiding out in your attic? What if, morally, you couldn’t forcibly remove them? Then what do you do? 537 more words


Introductory Post

I have written a fair amount before deciding to introduce myself and my intentions as my first post. Originally, I had planned on my posting here to be more of a stream of consciousness and begin my blog with the next mostly coherent writing sample of mine. 423 more words


100 Word Pessioptimistic SFF Short-Short: Missionaries


S.A. Barton

For centuries, they sent missionary after missionary to help the rising young intelligence see past the biological heritage of survival as battle, to pursue empathy, cooperation. 74 more words

Things I've Written

Heat Wave

It’s September in Southern California, and that inevitably means a heat wave. The air conditioner blasts here in my upper room essentially all day while the fan struggles to keep up. 1,139 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

Trying this out

We all lose are memory. We all forget. It takes an hour. One hour. People black out when they drink too much. We all black out. 276 more words

To be loved or to be free

That is the question posed not by Billy the Shake but by Conor Oberst. His one lyric from his latest solo album Upside Down Mountain… 464 more words


Bitter Envy....

I’m still sat at amber. I’ve been here for a while and wondering when it’ll be time to move on. Whilst paused, I have done a fair bit of thinking. 867 more words