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The Seduction of Pessimism

By: Emily Timmer


Yes, this word.

Let’s speak with one another for a moment – as best we can through this little post. Have you ever woken from sleep to a blaring (or beeping or singing) alarm, and felt a sort of heaviness creep over you? 1,842 more words


Ode to a Thunderstorm.

Flashes of Light, in a black tormented sky.
The dark clouds hovering, like passerby’s.
The wind that violently blows,
Against your rough, tanned skin,
The sand mingles in your hair, 231 more words

get the fuck over it

don’t ever be the fucking moron who waits around after he tells you that he “isn’t ready for a relationship.”


the truth of the matter is that… 215 more words

looking up from a well

looking up from a well,
for help, you yell.
but they glance and turn away.

laughter and smiles abound,
in pain you’re bound.
their joy is all but betray. 184 more words


10 things being vegan has taught me

“Veganism is the philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient non-human animals. Vegans abstain from the use of animal products and derivatives as far as practical and possible (regardless of how they are obtained) in every facet of their lives such as diet, clothing, toiletries, skincare, furnishings and entertainment etc.” So in English, that means vegans chose to leave animals alone. 2,657 more words


Didn't see that coming

I get to have my thyroid removed.  Surgery.  Not in my plans for the summer.  It’s common, that’s what everyone keeps saying.  My diagnosis is not common, my symptoms are not common.   57 more words

Awakening From a Dream

I look at the yellow grass,
the stagnant pool of water.

If I squint, they are the heads of daisies
and a pond hiding tadpoles… 21 more words