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Doctor Crap?

Somewhere in the David Tennant era the train came off the tracks. It started to be about romance, too many episodes were on earth, there were too many folks following the Doctor around and related to him, too much self-reference to previous lives and eras, too many people actually saying “Doctor Who?” out loud. 243 more words


It Was Good

The great depressive pessimism of our time is to be found in our cultural fixation on the self and the gratification of our own desires. What was once the public forum, the meeting place of people and ideas, has become the… 260 more words


A Hundred Years More

Once, I craved
the tartness of raspberries
and drowned myself
in operatic arias

I stepped twice
on cobblestones
to hear the echo
of my heels… 21 more words


7 things we know about gold...

So, one major area of my research is on gold. Here is an update on where that research is at. Click¬†here¬†for the downloadable versions or look at my… 392 more words



“Faced with the savage fury of these vicious brats, he reflected on the cruel and abominable law of the struggle of life, and contemptible though these children were.

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True literature

“In a period when when literature attributed man’s unhappiness almost exclusively to the misfortunes of unrequited love or the jealousies engendered by adulterous love, he had ignored these childish ailments and sounded instead those deeper, deadlier, longer-lasting wounds that are inflicted by satiety, disillusion and contempt upon souls tortured by the present, disgusted by the past, terrified and dismayed by the future.”

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No fairyland

“For nowhere in this world had he found the fairyland of which he dreamt.”

Huysmans in Against Nature (1884), p. 127.