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       Our mind is small. But thoughts are huge. So huge that can be compared with infinite universe which is still expanding. It’s not necessary that only thoughts that we want, that are good, will come. 348 more words

Feeling Low


Feeling especially pessimistic today.  Normally, I’m a pretty cheery gal, but geez if it doesn’t feel like the weight of the world just can’t decide which shoulder to lean on. 605 more words

Pessimistic vs realistic

My sista is my number one fan. When I’m down, I go to her for my dose of reassurance and walk away thinking,  “I’m not tthhhhaaat bad”. 544 more words

Daily Post Prompt: Litmus, Litmus on the wall - One Question

I would be nervous.

It would be my first time talking to you, a stranger, and my pessimistic nature would make me think up an infinite number of ways this could go wrong. 60 more words


Miracles Happen

Some miracles take time and aren’t always what we hoped for, nevertheless, they are still miracles. Mark’s life is a miracle, but it’s not the full recovery I hoped for.  590 more words

Tuesday Tips

Being Flexible In Thinking for Improved Mental Health

Being less rigid and more flexible is something many of us strive for.  As we grow older we tend to get set in our ways and become curmudgeons.   370 more words

Study: Dogs Are Distinctly Optimistic, Pessimistic Like Humans

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Dogs can be optimistic and pessimistic, a new study finds.

The study found that optimistic dogs have a better outlook on life, while pessimistic dogs always expect the worst — just like humans. 238 more words