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In Your Own Words

Strung together
Like popcorn on a line
Of interminable permanence and self-assurance,
So weighty and yet
So thin that it snaps in the breeze. 94 more words



Have you ever been in a situation in which you’ve expected the world and ended up with dashed hopes and a lot less than expected? Your answer to that is probably yes. 289 more words

Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic?

PESSIMISTS live every day consumed by negative thoughts driven by even worse attitudes towards their circumstances.  In the world of pessimistic thinkers there is always something to worry and complain about and nothing is ever quite right.  255 more words


Hell would be more attractive.

So I finally get my tv back in my own bedroom after my step dad borrowing it. Now my mum complains that it makes too much noise. 65 more words


Let sparks fly

It was a cold evening with fine mizzle outside. I ploped down on my chair resting my forearms on the study table and peeping through the window to watch the rain droplets drown down from the terrace before a series of thoughts striking me through. 604 more words


The Worst

She loves,
She hates me
She tolerates me.
Which one is the worst?
They all are
The same.


Navigating the Fine Line

As a child it was fun to test limits and practice balancing skills. Somewhere along the path of growing up (possibly after many falls) I lost that desire. 681 more words

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