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Nostalgia – Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Recent psychology studies have suggested that nostalgia boosts optimism. They’re now saying that most nostalgic events are social events, which remind us about people, instances and things that we care about. 627 more words


The Pessimistic Brain

Do you maybe have a friend who is pessimist, and whenever you’ve told him/her “Cheer up” he/she just couldn’t think positive.     Well, now we know why… 151 more words

The Verdict - Au Pair Adventures

So yesterday I had an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. Long story short, nothing I didn’t know yet.

I have a 95% chance of recurrence at any time, without significant cause. 667 more words


Blacked Out

More blackout poetry from yours truly. I don’t know why it’s always depressing. Taken from an article of the Biola Chimes.

What are you?

It’s like dreaming of something beautiful and waking to a nightmare reality. It’s like many things really. But all of them are too inadequate to really describe what it  185 more words

A Pessimistic Moment

Fuck being different. It never gets you anywhere. No matter what you do, you still end up in the same shitty situations as everyone else. No matter how hard you try, in the end it will never really matter. 634 more words

Charlie Rose