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Why the hell am I writing romance?

I suppose I should explain why I’m a bit conflicted and asking myself this question after I’ve already committed myself to this project. Don’t get me wrong, I love the plot, and I’m going to see it through. 1,654 more words


Is your dog's bowl half-full or half-empty?

An article in Science Daily suggests, based on materials provided by the University of Sydney, that some dogs can be more pessimistic than others.

According to the research dogs with an optimistic personality expects more good things to happen and less bad things, will take risks and gain access to rewards. 353 more words



Sometimes I feel that whatever I get from my friends, the leaving-me-out attitude, it’s all because of me. Maybe I’m the reason that they do this to me. 73 more words


“Beautiful day today isn’t it?”
“Yeah but their calling for rain later this week.”
“Heard you got a new car. That must be nice.”
“Not as nice as you’d think, now I’ve got monthly payments to make.” … 887 more words

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Why can’t I just blow this dandelion’s leaves away?

Why can’t I pluck each petal from this daisy?

Any moment, I could just rip those tail feathers from the bird… 16 more words


Voter Disenchantment - Is There Enough Motivation To Vote?

According to American History, the United States was built upon the premise of freedom, justice, and the ability for its inhabitants to participate in one’s civic duties. 1,104 more words


I may be depressed, but I'm still human

I find that if I’m even slightly pessimistic about anything, people start to run away. I have to pretend to be happy all the time or I’ll lose everything I have. 319 more words