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Your average bad boy.

Sometimes you’re doing things. That your pretty sure are bad for you. You know without a doubt that this is going to have bad side effects and you’re going to regret it at some point of your life. 321 more words

Dungeon Mode

Give up

We’re all trying to make it here.
As my blog says survive. We all want the best for ourselves and were trying to work towards it. 204 more words


All Good Feelings Don't Have to End....

~ The soul hits the paper displaying a heartbeat that is muted by the deafness of a guarded mind. The blood rushes in their presence but you’re too thin to clot, scared to admit that you’re admiration has allowed you to circulate. 67 more words


Living in Optimism

We all face tough days or times. It’s a part of life.

But how you react, think and act during these tough times makes a big difference. 959 more words


Yeah, I might be cold.
I might be a heartless bitch sometimes.
But when I think about it..
I never used to be this way. 119 more words

Wealth Gap Does Exist!!


Optimism may be harder to keep up these days. It seems not a safe choice to rise the wealth gap even more when “income inequality is very destabilizing in the country.” (Goldman Sachs – CEO Lloyd Blankfein). 9 more words


Some People just Natural Worriers

Yes, some people do seem to be natural worriers, constantly pessimistic about the future, just as other people seem to be naturally cheery and optimistic (even to the point of ignoring real problems). 226 more words