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Powering Through

(a shadorma)

It’s day one
(again) and I am
that this time
I will stay on track with the
program (tomorrow).

2014-04-22… 14 more words


Optimism & Pessimism Both Biological?

Do you struggle to look on the bright side of life? If so, the next time someone tells you to cheer up, you can tell them it’s not your fault you’re grumpy. 269 more words



First I’m opti-
then I drift…..
shift gears to pessi-
mystic behavior

I start out
on the peak
of the high mountain
conversing with eagles… 47 more words


Positively positive? Negative.

Okay, I am going to be honest with you; I’m a fairly negative person. Not to the point whereby I’ve given up on modern civilization and have decided to move into a cave (where would I plug in my Xbox, I mean really people, you’ve got to think these things through), but simply have accepted the notion that if you look negatively at things, you’ll rarely be disappointed. 389 more words

Why That Relationship Shouldn't, and Wouldn't Last

Some recent circumstances led me to this mirror shattering revelation that friendships can suddenly break into nothing but shreds and pieces of memories that once relished your mind. 978 more words


Nostalgia – Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Recent psychology studies have suggested that nostalgia boosts optimism. They’re now saying that most nostalgic events are social events, which remind us about people, instances and things that we care about. 627 more words