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The Worst

She loves,
She hates me
She tolerates me.
Which one is the worst?
They all are
The same.


Navigating the Fine Line

As a child it was fun to test limits and practice balancing skills. Somewhere along the path of growing up (possibly after many falls) I lost that desire. 681 more words

Tuesday Tips


Welcome back! Today I am going to talk about Optimism. Optimism is something that is said to be the key to a long and happy life. 362 more words

Evey's Story, part 2

Nate and Cally Johnson were my first guest authors on October 27, 2013.  Over the past nine months, their daughter, Evey, has made some remarkable improvements, along with some setbacks. 668 more words

Sunday Stories

Hopeful pessimist

It’s weird to be a very pessimistic person but at the same time very optimistic.  Let me explain.

When I think about the world, I think about how corrupt everything is.  390 more words

Lagi-Lagi Tentang Hujan

ah, mungkin saja hujan
yang menampar dalam gigil ini
pertanda impian berpeluk
tak berjalin berkelindan dengan nyata

jadi marilah menepis gigil,
merapal mantra pemuja,
dalam ingatan selepas malam, 27 more words



“I am overwhelmed.” I say this almost every day of my life. Even if its just a lot of little tasks that have me feeling scatter brained and confused, I find that it doesn’t take a lot to get to the point of overflowing confusion. 706 more words

You Matter