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Depression Rap

Can’t even imagine the amount of karma I owe
Feel like I’m being constantly trolled
I’m hollow as a hole, still I’m clocking in
To my life cause I don’t have work till ten… 340 more words


Is it possible to "think" your way to a thinner body?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” -Henry Ford

        Some of the greatest minds and influential figures of all time have often preached the power of positive thinking and its role in shaping ones destiny.

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Forced corrections,
Angry turns,
Corkscrew summonses
Beckoning beleaguered frustration
To drop everything.
Let the world slip, Atlas.
Someone will catch it;
Someone else always catches it.


Pessimistic vs. Optimistic

As individuals we are often stuffed into a category depending on our default perception of events. We all know that one person who always has a negative thing to say about a situation that really only gets peoples spirits down. 734 more words

pessimistic or optimistic?

I just did a pessimistic or optimistic test. I have always thought I was a realist, the glass is half full if you made it half way and its half empty if you have drunk half. 187 more words

oops! i did it again


In the 21st century, the term “love” and the declaration of “I love you” is over used and overrated. This expression is used in abundance over matters of little or no importance. 321 more words