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Changing those Pessimistic Thoughts to Brighter Ones

I believe that the brain is wired a certain way and that experiences reinforce those wiring pathways. I believe that it is possible to change the way one thinks, but that it is not simple. 315 more words

Episode 52: Optimistically Pessimistic!

I’m afraid I am one of life’s worriers. If I have something to worry about then so much the better, if not I will just worry because things are going well, and that always means that something bad is about to happen! 683 more words


The one under your bed

Slowly he will turn into a monster you’re scared of. He was once one. He will be too again.



I just realized how lonely I am. I have a wonderful boyfriend with whom I am very in love. I still live with my parents until I can save up enough money to move to my dream city so I’m never really home alone. 210 more words

It's only a matter of time till I'm gone.

Hey look good news. You won’t have to pay for my shit anymore or waste money on my education. You won’t have to worry when I get home late or when I’m in the wrong company. 262 more words


While Mortals Sleep - Book Review

While Mortals Sleep is a very different kind of Vonnegut reader. The series of short stories, published posthumously and fore-worded by modern literary heavyweight Dave Eggers, showcases Vonnegut’s early unpublished work. 400 more words