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Cats on a Small Farm

When we moved here 14 years ago we realized how much a small farm needs a cat. The house we purchased had been empty for 2 years before we moved into it. 398 more words


Rats! in the Farmhouse

Every year as the weather gets colder the rats come in the house from the fields and barn. The first year at our farmhouse was (no other word can describe it) disgusting. 801 more words


Five Truths About Cockroaches

For sure, you’ve heard the catchy Spanish folk song, “La Cucaracha,”. It is basically about a cockroach that cannot walk because he has lost one of his six legs. 359 more words

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Detecting invasive species: the case of the wood-boring beetle

Invasive species are mostly likely to invade an area through a port. We need a better understanding of the factors affecting their arrival and establishment if we are to detect them. 223 more words

Invasive Species