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The New Dynamic Duo of Sherman Farms

After spying the kittens and Mamma Cat living in an old abandoned house on our property, I spent several days watching and feeding them.  Their routine was pretty predictable and we were able to spy the kittens playing outside in the sun several times. 508 more words

A Puppy Learns to Share. Sort of.

Resource guarding, whether in respect to food, toys, space or anything else, can be a scary habit and a tough one to break. By default, most puppies tend to be resource guarders/hoarders. 288 more words

Dog Adventure

Build A Bond with Indies.

Animals or should I say dogs are probably the closest living being to humans. They are expressive, interactive and also protect us from dangers big or small. 382 more words

Animal Adoption

The Dog Fountain of Youth

At a whopping four-months-old, Penny has no shortage of youthful exuberance. When we visit the beach her joy for life  is always on full display. (As are her ears.) 195 more words

Dog Adventure

DogDaz Zoo: We Heard You Have Milk?

Source: corporation-cats

There always seems to be one orange in the middle of everything.  Why is that? – DogDaz


Time Truly Does Fly

I looked at the calendar this morning in utter disbelief.  How on earth did it get to be the end of July?   Time truly does fly. 252 more words