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Lizzy's surgery

We left at 10 am. Took only 45 mnts. to reach the hospital. As I drove the car out, Sandy and Rufus had their entire head out of the Bay window! 1,322 more words

I try not to worry, so my dog doesn't make this face...

Fizzy is doing very well, he’s looking to play but is not allowed to, though it warms my heart to see that his energy and willingness to get out and enjoy life is restored. 504 more words

Our Life

Maxwell moo <3

This is Max, he is our 14 year old (bless him) Labrador.

We assume he’s a cross-breed because of his giant head (and consequently the nick name I have given him of ‘meat ball’). 300 more words


shocking news about my pet's health

After leaving Fizzy at the vet for routine hernia repair, I was a little unnerved to find they called me a few hours earlier than expected, I braced myself for news that I would not like, but what I heard was completely shocking and this is what it boils down to: 701 more words

Our Life


He BARKS, he’s STUBBORN, he’s FUSSY, he can be EXASPERATING but he’s my BFF and I ♥ HIM.

His GOOD POINTS: Faithful, Fun, Intelligent, Devoted, Playful, Portable, People and Family oriented.

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Parrot Helps Solve Mystery Case

A talking parrot has helped Indian police crack an intriguing murder mystery and led the cops to arrest the killer. In the western Indian city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh state, a 45-year-old woman and her pet dog were found murdered at her residence on 20 February.   61 more words

Pet Insurance

You love your pet… we know that !!! But won’t you give him more? You have insurance for your car, house, health, medical expenses etc. etc. 17 more words