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Dogs: Poisons and other Concerns

If your dog is a voracious eater, you might want to be hands-on in monitoring what he chews on. Fido will eat anything he deems edible, and this opens-up to opportunities of him eating some sort of poisonous things. 100 more words

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Dental Implants - Pros And Cons

New cosmetic dental surgery processes also devised as a way to correct your grin. This is when a little hole is drilled in a certain portion of the jawbone. 577 more words

Dental Implants

“… Smile and the world smiles with you”

This week’s Pet Project is brought to you courtesy of the tooth fairy!

When even the cat has dog breath it’s clear something needs to be done, yet dental care for pets is frequently overlooked by owners. 384 more words

Dental Health For Cats

Pet Insurance

Ah, Pet Insurance! The unsung soldier of the pet-owner’s world!

Whether you have a moggie or a madra, here’s our take on it … 444 more words

Moving House Tips

Holiday Dangers For Your Pets

Dr. Casey Rabbe DVM
Faribault Veterinary Clinic

The holidays can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your pet getting into something that could potentially be toxic or harmful. 739 more words

Pet Health

The American Spay & Neuter Issue

Most body parts have an essential function that help us in some way.

Rarely is a body part considered totally non-beneficial. Tonsils, gallbladders, even the appendix–even body parts that we can live without still have uses and benefits. 972 more words

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