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Coccidia are single celled organisms that infect the intestine of dogs and cats. They are microscopic parasites detectable on routine fecal tests in the same way that worms are — but… 49 more words


10 Tips The Way To Find The Very Best Dental Implant Specialists

It is important not to upset these at all, since the harm that might be done would be permanent. The body is full of organs that are necessary for living a healthy life. 549 more words

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A Healthy Heart Makes A Happy Dog

Greetings to all two and four-legged readers! We have come upon another Fido Friday and today it’s all about me, Princess Nakita. I am here to share with you about a time when I did not feel so well (but still looked fur-fabulous!). 669 more words

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Caring for your Dog's Dental Health

Bad breath is often the sign of poor dental hygiene in dogs and often leads to various health problems if neglected. Caring for your pooch does not end in giving him shelter and food to eat. 109 more words

Pet Health

A Free Dog is a Happy Dog

Dogs were built to make choices.

A wild dog (e.g. a wolf, a coyote, a dingo, a Carolina dog) makes many of his own choices. He chooses when to eat, where to live, what scent to follow, what places to visit, etc. 299 more words

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