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Grieving for our special furbaby Bucky

Today Marks and I had to make the very difficult decision to have our little Bucky put to sleep. He had lately been through a lot of health problems including in and out of diabetes, bad arthritis in his hind quarters, spine and legs as well as incontinence. 272 more words

Loss Of A Loved Furbaby

The stark realization that time holds an unyielding, short leash upon our necks only comes upon us when time no longer holds another. In that pivotal moment, a minute clicks by painfully fast as relentless, pitiful cries for more build up in your throat. 871 more words


Tuesday Time

Hi, Monkey!

It was so good to hear from you! I can’t tell you what it means to know you’re reading these and keeping an eye on things. 295 more words



Sometimes grief is overwhelming, especially when so much of it is lingering about the house.

Sometimes you are consciously able to break grief into the sum of its parts: loss, anger or fury, denial, desire, the desperate need to reconcile the coexistence of relief and sadness, and exhaustion—mental and physical. 362 more words


The Void...

Our kids had grown up and moved out. Chuck, Booboo and I had settled into a comfortable routine…now that it was just the three of us. 1,148 more words


The House of Melancholy

There is a sadness over Casa d’ABM this weekend. The Furry One is essentially near the end of life. His recent decline has been rapid and heartbreaking. 473 more words