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Have you ever wished you could eat as well and hassle-free as your pets?

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives just like we are. Today’s dog, cat, exotic pet, horse and even rabbit food is specially formulated to provide a perfectly balanced meal. 143 more words

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Human Foods That Have a Negative Impact on Dogs

Many dog owners love to pamper their hairy, four-legged family members with almost anything including food in the kitchen. But, unfortunately, some of our foods are unsuitable for them. 511 more words

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American Pet Food Industry and Its Impact on Pet Owners

In today’s fast-paced society, more pets are becoming part of someone’s family. As a result, the pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business in the United States. 424 more words

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Antioxidant Dental Breath Freshener Now Available to Pets

Want to play closely with your four-legged companion, but what is the number one issue that is keeping you from doing that? Maybe it is his/her stinky breath! 411 more words

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Pet Nutrition: What Every Pet Owner Ought To Know

(My republished article from Yahoo! Voices)

Our pets are very dear to us in more ways than one. This includes their eating habits, such as providing them with the healthiest foods that are available. 557 more words

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Hill’s announce ground-breaking new launch at PATS

The petfood category may seem fairly well provisioned now and it’s been a while since retailers had something really exciting to draw in new customers. But one company is determined to create a fresh, new opportunity. 255 more words

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Arthrydex™ provides complete nutritional support - for your pets!


Arthrydex™ provides complete nutritional support to both large and small animals and has a great flavor your pet is sure to love. While providing over 70 Plant Derived Minerals that your pet needs for healthy bones and joints, … 110 more words