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Fill Me Up

I enjoy the learning process and I want to soak up as much knowledge as I can get.  I also enjoy making connections between subject matters which may not seem outwardly related, but in the end most things like life, come full circle.   495 more words

Save Your Pet by Applying the Best Natural Precautions

Our pets are always loved by us. They become one of the family members and we always care for them. When a disease or any problems occur to them, the members of the home become very eager to cure that problem. 348 more words

Pet Nutrition

How I Got Our Dog To Stop Being Severely Itchy in the Summer

We got Storm in March 2012. She is a Lab/Husky mix and she is currently 9 years old. 

The first and second year we had her, during the summer she would itch herself raw. 331 more words


Canine Colostrum ~Food for Thought

Colostrum can play a vital role in the overall health of your dog’s GI tract. This tract is a major battleground against most invading toxins, diseases or other pathogens. 393 more words


Best Tips to Help Dogs with Itchy Skin

When a dog itches, be sure, they have got fleas because that is one of the common reasons. But every time it might not be the same. 492 more words

Pet Nutrition

We would Like Your Opinion On Raw Diets

The Castle Vets team would like your opinion about raw diets please.

The raw diet debate has been going back and forth in the pet world for many years, and there has been much discussion amongst owners, breeders and vets about whether this way of feeding was good for the animals and provides a balanced diet; we know that pets thrive on raw diets as well as on complete processed diets, but vets all over the country have seen many health problems linked to poor nutrition or hygiene in pets that have been fed a poorly balanced raw meaty bone diet, because it is so easy to get things wrong – and as a profession we also see some problems with dogs that eat animal bones, such as gut impaction and perforated bowels. 145 more words

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