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Food Profile: Nature's Logic

Nature’s Logic is a manufacturer that formulates their line of foods based on the all-natural state of not only the protein sources, but also on the vitamins and minerals contained in the food. 348 more words

Pet Foods and Allergies

Questions asked on a daily basis at my store consist of issues with food rejection, food allergies, and what food is best for their cats and dogs. 1,061 more words

Top Worst Human Foods For Pets

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Hey pet-lovers, this post is for you!

Most dogs (including my 6 pound Yorkshire Terrier, Sasha) love to eat vegetables, fruits and other human foods. 608 more words


Occupying Chew Enthusiasts

At work, one question I’m often asked is:

My dog is a big chewer, but he destroys even the toughest toys out there. How can I keep him occupied while I’m busy? 667 more words

Enjoying Your Companion

What Makes Healthy Pet Food Vital

Proper diet is very much important for every living being. When it comes to your pet, the diet needs to be much more specific. A proper nutrition is very much crucial for your pet to keep its health in proper condition. 458 more words


Dog & Cat Nutrition

The food we feed our pets has changed considerably over the years, as indeed has our own diet.  Years ago, animals were fed on scraps and left-overs from the food that we cooked for ourselves, so essentially they were eating ‘human’ food, however as our lifestyles have become busier and we now eat more ‘convenience food’, so our pets are being given more branded pet food.  2,038 more words