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Does Your Dog Have A Dirty Little Secret?

Over a year ago, I wrote a blog called, “Why Do Dogs Eat Poop”?!.
It’s a mystical phenomenon that many of us do not understand . 642 more words


Pets At The Office : A Positive Or A Negative ?

Hanging out with man’s best friend is a huge part of our daily routine, and for many families a dog or cat is like another child. 618 more words


Accepting When It's Time To Let Your Dog Go......

I have to admit, I am not very good at handling the issue of when it’s that time for dog to die. I think about every single pet I’ve ever had and can relay so many stories about each of them . 1,757 more words


Is My Dog Truly A Carnivorous Mammal?

I’ve been blogging a lot about dogs and eating habits. My three Shih tzus are truly the most challenging pets I’ve ever had when it comes to their diet.   1,060 more words


10 Most Adorable Pictures Of Animals You Must See Now!

Here are a very few absolutely essential pictures that will warm your heart.

1. A kitten animatedly explaining her opinions to a disinterested rabbit.

2. A rare snowcat general surveying her territory and weeping “because there are no more worlds to conquer. 109 more words



I hope this post will make you think twice when deciding what breed of puppy or dog to get when searching to fill that spot that a dog probably isn’t going to fill anyway. 1,167 more words

WTF America?

Prevent Your Inside Cat From Becoming A Lost Outside Cat

  Pepper Grayson aka “Peppie, My Love”

I like to think of myself as a Dr. Doolittle or a Pet Whisperer. I tend to form special relationships not only with my pets but with other animals. 907 more words