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Pet Sitters Can Be Scammed Too!

Those wonderful words anybody wants to hear when they are a small business owner: “I am interested in using your services!” Your heart starts racing and the pulse picks up on your new unsolicited email lead and you quickly grab your mouse to reply with all your information to start to close the deal. 1,133 more words


Adventures in Dog Sitting: Rocky and Badger

They say you don’t really know someone until you live with them.

It’s been a total of 17 days (3 to go) with Badger and Rocky and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. 580 more words


A Day in the Life of a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter, Part 1

One of the best parts about my job is witnessing people’s reaction when I explain what I do for a living. Typically their face lights up with excitement and they want to know more such as how does it work and how does one get started doing something like that and how many dogs do you walk at one time. 503 more words


You Are So Beautiful To Me

An inspiring dog and boy story centred on restoring faith in humanity and the true meaning of acceptance …


Not A Bunk-up!!

My career as a home and pet sitter involves me spending a lot of sharing a bed with my Client’s animals (the smaller, domestic ones!) I thought, that on my recent trip to Australia, it would make a pleasant change to sleep in a dorm. 364 more words

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Going on a Trip? What Do I Do With My Canines?

Luckily, you have multiple choices!
Some are: Dog Kennels/Boarding, Pet Sitter, House/Pet Sitter, Day Care, Neighbor, Family Member, Friend….

What Is Best For You and Your Canine? 252 more words

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