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How to Properly Approach and Greet a Strange dog

As I was sitting this morning on the patio at Starbucks having my morning chai tea, I was observing the comings and goings of people. There was a couple sitting with their dog two tables away, and I noticed that some people just walked on by and others stopped to pet her. 712 more words

Pet Sitting 16 Paws

Last week I went to a friend’s home to watch her dogs. Pet sitting is really fun and keeps you in a happy mood. Dogs are like kids and they make you feel young and energized! 134 more words


A Load Of Tripe?!

I was once asked by a generous client, who was providing me with food for the duration of my sit, if there was anything I didn’t eat. 78 more words

Pet Sitter

Talk To The Hand?!

‘Sit!’ I told a client’s dog as I used the appropriate hand gesture. The response was instant and the dog, a lurcher, sat obediently. We speak the same language, all be it in sign and with the help of a few bribery biscuits. 123 more words

Pet Sitter

Please share!!!

Hello everyone! Please like and share my pet and house sitting page! I offer services to the Western Washington area while my husband is stationed here. 37 more words

Checklist of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday

Just as it essential to leave an information pack about your home, it is essential to leave an information pack for your pets. You could combine the two and have one big information pack or have two separate packs. 840 more words

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