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talk to the PAW

Four tiny paws, one super shiny – damp nose, two long pendulous ears and a pair of deep set eyes. Phuchka, a year and 3 months old Cocker Spaniel chose to adopt us for good. 513 more words

My Share !


Service dog Apollo deserves a trophy.

PS: Despite this being a quick–15 min or less–sketch, I’m appalled with myself for having misspelled Apollo.

Difficult Decisions

When I bought a pet rat a year and a half ago, everyone thought I was crazy- partly because people are grossed out by her tail, and partly because anyone who knew me growing up knows that I am awful when it comes to taking care of pets. 326 more words

A Cat In Our House

MY CAT DIED TRAGICALLY JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE I ARRIVED HOME IN KOH SAMUI, SOUTH THAILAND, FOR MY FRIEND’S WEDDING. Well, not my cat, technically, but a cat in our house. 2,667 more words