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Lone Survivor

First of all, it’s not an Arabic horse, okay? It’s an Arabian horse.

This was a surprisingly good movie. Despite *NOT A SPOILER ALERT* Mark Wahlberg being the only member of his four man Navy Seal team to make it out alive, the movie did not focus on him. 221 more words


Notes on Settler Stewardship

I’m currently writing a paper on settler stewardship on Lekwungen homelands occupied by Victoria, British Columbia. In the paper I argue that decontextualized, settler stewardship is seen as a laudable development, often an illustration of progressive environmental activism. 564 more words


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I really think this piece is pointing towards the intersection of decolonization and bioregionalism that seems to be emerging. I look forward to reading the final paper. While the bioregional critique of both Capital and the State has been lucid, a truly decolonial praxis has remained obscure. Suspending the narrative of bioregional "reinhabitation" in favor of land repatriation and the restoration of Indigenous law offers a pathway towards a practical resolution of the converging crises we face. With the recent publication of Peter Berg's "The Bioshphere and The Bioregion" and Richard Evanoff's "Bioregionalism and Global Ethics" (finally) being released in paperback, I'm curious to see a more public dialogue on a bioregional decolonization take place.  Perhaps this can finally pull the "environmental" narrative in a truly decolonial direction, as may be evident in this years promising Earth at Risk 2014 Conference.

Lone Survivor - Review

Lone Survivor is a film that would have completely missed my radar had I not caught its trailer, during the previews, at the screening of Christian Bale’s grim ‘Out of the Furnace.’ The trailer pointed towards a film loaded with action, and with it featuring the ever reliable Mark Wahlberg I was convinced it would be worth watching. 737 more words


Lone Survivor (2013)

Let’s talk about porn.

No, not that kind of porn. I’m not desperate enough for site-hits to go there (yet), but rather the film technique that involves the exploitation and exaggeration of a singular, often unsavory, aspect of story that the filmmakers wish to showcase. 969 more words

FIlm Reviews (L)


Will Smith is one of my favorite actors but, to be blunt, I did not really like Hancock. You can read my full review HERE… 1,219 more words


The Leftovers - Season 1, Episode 4

The Leftovers (HBO)

Season 1, Episode 4 “B.J. and the A.C.”

HBO has a lot riding on The Leftovers.  The channel made its name on great dramas like… 832 more words

TV Episode Review