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Manchester Literature Festival

So Jackie Kay closed the main part of the festival at Matt and Phreds last night, and Manchester will now be a little less literary until next October. 796 more words

David Peace. Manchester Literature Festival

Art attack

Once upon a time I worked as a media studies teacher at my local college. The course was run by the art department, for some reason, and it was very jolly and bohemian. 636 more words

Just Stuff (things On My Mind That Aren't To Do With Writing)

Llareggub - Peter Blake/Dylan Tomas.

Homage is such a weird one; part most personal, part public ablution of some other greater one’s feet. At whatever level it’s clearly revealing of both sides of a (typically) unbalanced relationship but when both idolised and genuflector-alike stand as considerable forces in The Arts, weightier baggage is lumped onto the laundry-cart. 1,154 more words


Düşünce Tarihi


6th Century BC Hakikati
5th Century BC Bir
4th Century BC Kadın
3rd Century BC Bildik.
2nd Century BC Ama
1st Century BC Artık…

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Bricolage & Rûyet

Inspiration from Cardiff Museum

In May a small group of us went to Cardiff Museum to gather inspiration to create an art quilt and whilst we came away totally enthused all we seem to have achieved (apart from it being a lovely day out) is to have made many notes and sketches! 179 more words