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"A lot of strange things happen in this world. Things you don't know about in Grand
Rapids. Things you don't want to know about. Doors that shouldn't be opened."
- Andy Mast… 61 more words

Movie Review - Monster's Ball (2001)

Director: Marc Foster

Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry, Heath Ledger, Peter Boyle

After sending a man to his death on the electric chair, Hank (Thornton) suffers a tragedy of his own. 459 more words

Episode 044: Godfathers, Crankypants and Mitzi


A movie finally broke Josh. Congratulations, “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.” Not even the sweet-tart bonhomie of the amaretto-laden Godfather can save him from the tedium of watching 10 people jump over a hole. Join us!


Obama a Pathological Narcissist: Dr. Sam Vaknin Speaks on Peter Boyles Show About Obama's Narcissism

Obama a Pathological Narcissist: Dr. Sam Vaknin Speaks on Peter Boyles Show About Obama’s Narcissism and the Dangers | KNUS 710 Denver CO

Listen to the interview and analysis on podcast here:  … 465 more words


Honeymoon in Vegas

A recent trip to Las Vegas has prompted me to re-watch some of the better movies set in Sin City, including Casino, Oceans Eleven, The Hangover, 21, and my personal favorite (and this week’s Cinema Sips pick), Honeymoon in Vegas ( 542 more words


Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi Driver tells the story of Travis Bickle(Robert De Niro), a Vietnam War veteran who is trying to live his life in the city. When he gets a job as a cab driver in New York he begins to form the idea that there needs to be someone who will rid the streets of malicious people. 640 more words