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Let’s Get Doodling

Have you met my sister, Megan Radford? She’s awesome, and she’s written an awesome book, Canada Doodles (Gibbs Smith; $9.99). It sneaks fun facts about Canada into whimsical ideas for budding artists, like this: 140 more words


Nonsense Poem no. 34

When the Iggle Pigg did it,

No one could believe their flims.

With the Gropples running around the place, dirty little critters,

You’re in for a surprise if you’ve never quivved a Gropple, 423 more words

An email to Sajid Javid MP

I just received an email from Sajid Javid MP about the new Conservative notion that liberalizing the pensions market is just what this country needs to further inflate the property bubble and get older people spending money, as they’re the only people who seem to have any. 447 more words

Meet the CIO - Chief Improvising Officer - Dr Russ Derickson

Introducing Dr Russell G. Derickson, Polymath, Inventor, Jazz Musician, Academic.  I met Russ a year or so back now and am privileged to conduct an interview with him. 2,141 more words

Academy Of Rock

Two Tribes - Branding for different markets

One of the challenges of managing a brand with two distinctly different manifestations is the need for each of them to have the same strength and a distinctively different targeting. 613 more words

Academy Of Rock

In The City - Rock unites the business world

Time for a mini update on the band that I’ve formed with Dr Andrew Sentance, former Monetary Policy Committee Member for The Bank of England.  Following the press announcements in the Evening Standard and City AM, we’ve attracted a motley crew of City based rockers and are set to organise a Rock meets Business event at a City location for charity.   378 more words

Academy Of Rock

Day 188: Too Much Meat is as Dangerous as Smoking

I didn’t give up smoking in order to live longer.  I gave up smoking to live better. For years I’d felt imprisoned by cigarettes and too weak to break out. 1,129 more words