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Can You Remember the Drive In Experience?

Looking back I realize that the drive in craze was pretty much coming to an end during my childhood days and I am hard pressed to recall very many trips to the outdoor theaters with the swing sets in front of the giant sized screens. 520 more words

Daily Take

Easy Rider, 1968

Photo: Susan Wood

Dagens nöjen

Var hos M och såg “The Conjuring”. Halvdan rysare.
Fick världens huvudvärk.
Kom nyss hem och återupptar “Alfred Hitchcock Hour” efter att ha bälgat en och en halv liter vatten (huvudvärk nästan borta). 60 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2013)

“It’s time to face the ghosts of the past”.

I don’t like the original Easy Rider very much, but I can appreciate how important it is in the history of cinema. 506 more words

Down the Rabbit Hole: Phil Pitzer's "Easy Rider: The Ride Back"

“The last thing the Hollywood establishment wants is for someone like me to do well in their backyard…I think we nailed it.” – Phil Pitzer, on the production of his vanity project “Easy Rider: The Ride Back.”

92 more words

The Cannonball Run (1981)

Out of all the classic movies I end up watching this is my favorite by far… which is weird ’cause I’m one of them there people that is scared of traffic and aren’t to happy about people that drink and drive like lunatics. 255 more words