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The Peter Gabriel/Justin Bieber Musical Let Down Hypothesis

Today’s pop musicians (read: nearly everything written from 1995 – present) have no talent. Gone are the days of imagery-filled, gut wrenching, make-you-go-wow lyrics. Songs about love and relationships and all things that pertain to it have been dumbed down so far, I am convinced that we’ll begin seeing music hitting the top of the pop charts that was originally written as a second grade assignment in some podunk school out in the cornfields of Nebraska (no offense to Nebraskans, but if I chose Detroit or Chicago, we would be more likely to see dumbed down, obscene, rap lyrics written by angry sixth graders). 867 more words

Magic in the tracks...

I still dig up old sessions every once in a while and look through the tracks to see how I’m growing as a producer and arranger. 469 more words

Jordan Jackiew

WOMADic adventures

How organised are you? I like to think that my chaos makes perfect sense to me and when it fails and I lose something, I’ve developed a technique called ‘blame the object’, in which whatever is lost is personified and subjected to the most tremendous hate known to womankind. 971 more words

The Book of Love~Peter Gabriel

My latest song that’s been stuck in my head for almost a month is, “The Book of Love,” sung by Peter Gabriel. It all started when he was on television and inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, (finally.) I love Peter Gabriel’s music and he and I were born on the same day, but not the same year. 235 more words


You Can Keep My Things...

I crashed out after a full day of downsizing but laid here unable to sleep. I’ve found that it’s a lot harder to downsize than upsize. 185 more words

This Too Will Pass

WOMAD 2014

We will be at WOMAD Charlton Park from Friday, the 25th of July to Sunday, the 27th of July. Watch this space for news and reviews about the event. 28 more words