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The foul tornado - Peter Hitchens on the Great War.

To say that that the First World War was the greatest cataclysm in human history since the fall of the Roman Empire is to put it mildly.

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Opinion Polls Don't Actually Measure Opinions

Recently I was listening to Peter Hitchens, British journalist, political figure and brother of the late Christopher Hitchens, and he briefly spoke to the nature of opinion polls, the use of such polls and why they are misnomers. 497 more words


Questionable Time #105

Good morning Lemmings and ‘welcome’ to that time of year again. ‘Welcome’ to the dried up creek of political news, ‘welcome’ to that vague sense of unease at the overfriendly weather and more importantly, ‘welcome’ to the season where we get to show the world who’s the #1 nation when it comes to being comprehensively crushed in any number of sporting events. 1,130 more words

Question Time

BBC Question Time 03/07/2014

This week, the Question Time panelists were Jo Swinson MP (Lib Dem), Alan Johnson MP (Labour), Bernard Jenkin MP (Conservative), Peter Hitchens (journalist and eleventh-hour replacement panelist) and Christine Blower (General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers). 1,724 more words

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Peter Hitchens - Obituarist for England?

It is a strange fact that I, as a left leaning person, tend to be attracted to certain right wing commentators (Hitchens eschews left and right, but is a libertarian and would be regarded by most as on the right).  501 more words


Can Muslims Survive The Intense Scrutiny?

ISIS and  Trojan horse. The common denominator between these two issues is the portrayal of Islam. Leaving aside the reality of the situations for a moment the opinion that has been established by the two is: 1,100 more words

The Gospel as a Dangerous Idea

I recently watched a panel discussion from the “Dangerous Ideas” series in the UK. The points that interested me were the discussions on the so-called “cultural revolution” of recent decades. 489 more words

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