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Lukaszuk’s demand for debate is right on

Thomas Lukaszuk is right to continue to press for a party sanctioned all-candidates’ debate in the PC leadership.

In 2011, the party sponsored six such debates around the province, all live-streamed. 362 more words

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Navy feared frigate's excessive noise made it an easier target

The noise generated by one of Canada’s frigates was so excessive that navy officers worried for a time that it had become more vulnerable to torpedoes and other weapons that home in on sound, according to a military report obtained by the Citizen. 584 more words


Prostitution and Politics: A Week in Review

Have you all been following the insanity that is Bill C-36 this week?  BECAUSE lemme tell ya, if you’re interested in reality tv and drama up in drama’s grill – this right here is the stuff of your dreams. 1,347 more words

Bill C-36

A Letter to Canadian MPs.

I was clearing out my drafts in my email today and came accross this which it seems I never sent.  However it seems appropos so I am putting it up here for your reading pleasure !. 560 more words

Peter MacKay's 2014 Bill C-36

2014s, Bill C-36 shows Mackay’s true colours.

 There are four professions that are almost as old as time, the oldest of which is the medicine man /woman which predates recorded time. 1,572 more words

Today's letters: Peter MacKay's fantasy world

Re: Send C-36 To The Supreme Court, editorial, July 9.
Peter MacKay has always lived a privileged life, which probably explains his sense of self-importance and his unique conception of reality. 1,154 more words

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Full Pundit: Peter MacKay thinks his prostitution law is constitutional. He just won't say why

More bad reviews
Adam Dodek, writing in The Globe and Mail, argues that while the Conservatives are arguably more willing than their predecessors to share with us the legal opinions underpinning their actions — see Ian Binnie’s opinion on the Marc Nadon appointment, for example — they’re still not nearly willing enough, most recently with respect to their new prostitution law. 722 more words

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