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Meditation as a Workout for Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is something we have all experienced.  It takes time to hone the skills it takes to stay focused on the expression of ideas in front of a group of people.   396 more words

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American Economic Policy in the 1990s – 1

American Economic Policy in the 1990s by Jeffrey Frankel and Peter Orszag is a first history of American economic policy in the 1990s.  Each chapter is devoted to an area of economic policity and consists of a background paper written by leading academic economists together with short essays by prominent policymakers.  369 more words

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Health Care Reform – Don’t Shift Costs, Cut Costs

In 2011, Peter Orszag reported on the then-new budget plan being put forward by Paul Ryan, then and now the House Budget Committee chairman.  At the time, some Republicans were apparently conflicted about whether to support the plan, in which Ryan proposed shifting Medicare toward consumer-directed health care in order to cut costs. 427 more words

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Living With Political Polarization

Peter Orszag’s Bloomberg View article about political polarization is more true now than ever.  In the article, Orszag points out data illustrating the increasing polarization of politics between the Democrats and Republicans.   391 more words

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The Bending Cost Curve

I attended a really interesting conference last week on “Innovation in Health Care” that was cosponsored by The Advisory Board and the Aspen Institute.  It was a one-day affair in Washington, attended by about 1000 people from around the country who were treated to talks by a star studded cast that included HHS Secretary… 463 more words