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Paul Ryan’s stunning hypocrisy: The little-noticed way the GOP proved it’s full of it


GOP’s still banging the “Grubergate” drum — but an under-the-radar push from Ryan shows they don’t mean a word

As a general rule, I try not to write about hypocrisy in politics. 768 more words

Paul Ryan

A Party Hack Would Ruin the CBO

The Congressional Budget Office should be able to celebrate its 40th anniversary this coming February with pride. The agency plays a crucial role in the… 8 more words

Peter Orszag

Ready for the next Do-Nothing Congress?

Peter Orszag wrote this before Tuesday’s elections. It was published at Bloomberg View before voting even started. He doesn’t enjoy being this sort of savant – but, I don’t think he’s wrong? 493 more words


A New Do-Nothing Congress

Anyone who expects Republican control of the Senate to produce broad
tax reform or immigration reform over the next two years is likely to be disappointed. 8 more words

Peter Orszag

Let People Shop for Health Care

When people get information about prices and can shop around for health care, they really do choose less expensive options. 

from Bloomberg View – Articles by Peter R. Orszag

Peter Orszag

The World’s Most Common Fear

In this clip, comedian Jerry Seinfeld jokes about how widespread the fear of public speaking is. It is true that public speaking, or glossophobia, is almost always present on lists of top ten phobias. 425 more words

Peter Orszag

Disparity in Pay and the Fluidity of the Job Market

There is a longstanding and growing inequality in the incomes of Americans. That statement is woefully unsurprising, though the true terms of income disparity may be.  344 more words

Peter Orszag