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Patient Health Doesn't Explain Cost Differences 

New research suggests it is patients’ health, rather than regional differences in medical treatment, that explains the wide variation in medical costs in the U.S. However, much evidence suggests that this new research is wrong. 8 more words

Peter Orszag

Inequality Starts With Your Employer

Americans’ earnings are increasingly unequal, not because companies give certain employees outsize paychecks but because some companies pay everyone better than other companies do.

from Bloomberg View – Articles by Peter R. Orszag

Peter Orszag

In Focus: Suicide in America

The death of Robin Williams has brought suicide and depression back into the forefront of the national conversation. The nature of Williams’ career presents a particularly painful juxtaposition between how the public perceived the comedic actor and the tremendous persona turmoil he most have suffered. 469 more words

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Why Do More Men Commit Suicide?

Suicide researchers are puzzled by data showing that men commit suicide more often than women do — about four times as often — even though most studies find that women are twice as likely to be depressed and also more likely to have suicidal thoughts. 8 more words

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Expensive Hospitals Aren't Any Better

As spending growth in health care continues to decelerate, it’s good to know that the trend can continue without lowering the quality of medical treatment.  8 more words

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