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For my blox, I decided to do a Sand Tray, but instead of sand, it would be the blue glitter. The glitter represents the night sky on the night the characters take flight into the London sky, as that is the image that I wanted to illuminate in my Blox for Light, as it is about flight.   86 more words



Light, according to Six Memo’s for the Next Millennium by Calvino, is the subtraction of weight both in life and in literature. Light, as a quality, arises from the writing itself. 329 more words


Peter Pan

Okay, again, I didn’t die. I haven’t really been blogging because I’ve genuinely had not much to say! I’ve come home for easter and… I mean, what can I say? 428 more words

Neverland Chapter 3

eter and I met a block away from my house the following day. I hadn’t yet told my parents about Peter. They’d always been very protective about those kinds of things. 1,141 more words


More Magic - I Do Believe in Fairies and Gnomes

Welcome back, you believers, to the realm of magic, the land of fairies and gnomes.  Of course, my eight year old grandchildren could tell you with authority that these magical beings go to warmer climes during the cold of winter, but are drawn back to places of welcome every spring… So if you want them to visit, Ella and Grey would say, you need to find an enchanted woodland setting, provide homes, and create places to dance and play.   458 more words


Neverland Chapter 2

The day went by slowly, I thought nightfall would never come. I tried entertaining myself with television, drawing in my sketchbook, I even made myself a few snacks out of bordem. 1,402 more words


Neverland Chapter 1

In the seventeen years I’d been alive we’d lived in four different places. Silvercrest, where I lived out the last of my teenage years, would make it five. 860 more words