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The Peter Pan Factor

If ‘Adventure’ was essential to Calderon, as Kittie said, what part did this play in his so desperately wanting to get to the Front?  Probably quite a lot, as my last quotation in ‘Thirty Quotes from George Calderon’ on this blog suggests. 175 more words

The Great War

WPC: Dialogue


Dialogue usually means


which usually means two-way. But some of us can have a dialogue with our self. Selves. Better, some of us argue with themselves. 522 more words

New Zealand

August 27, 2014-Disneyland

It was the first day of classes, but I didn’t have any so obviously ran off to Disneyland! Flaming hot all day but still great, as always.  9 more words

Body language…

I get Oprah’s magazine every month. My friend-sister gave me this subscription, and I really enjoy the positive, validating, affirming articles contained therein. One of my favorite features is from contributors who answer the same provocative statements for the writers to complete. 338 more words


Vielleicht habe ich mir den denkbar schlechtesten Tag zum tätowieren ausgesucht, doch der Termin stand einfach schon lange.
Und da sind sie. Die Nimmerlandsterne, jetzt kann mein Peter Pan von der einen Schulter zum Nimmerland fliegen. 25 more words


I don't wanna go to school

Peter Pan is a great story. In the Broadway Musical version there’s a song in which the main character insists, “I won’t grow up. I don’t wanna go to school; just to learn to be a parrot, and recite a silly rule.” Aside from flight, fighting pirates, visiting mermaids and traveling to a distant place that exists beyond the second star to the right, this story line is really familiar. 406 more words